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City of Conflict (02:18)


Eros Hoagland works as a war photographer. He is interested in photographing the conflict of Rio de Janeiro. Politicians talk about peace in Rio for the Olympic games.

Slums and Gangs (02:43)

Hoagland arrives in Rio. Slums in Rio are called favelas and are controlled by organized gangs. Hoagland talks with a driver about Red Command.

Best of Brazil: Rocinha (03:23)

Community leader of Rochihna, William de Oilvera, informs Hoagland about the drug trafficking in Rio. A masked man describes the nature of combat in the area. Hoagland puzzles over the way police organize raids in Rio.

Journalist Down (01:29)

Beloved journalist Tim Lopes was murdered in Rio de Janeiro. As a result, the press no longer enters slums and the stories are not publicized.

Translating Three Dimensions into Two (03:05)

Kasten does not digitally manipulate her photographs and tries to photograph shadows.

In New York (04:11)

Alex Klein describes why she curates Kasten's work. Video Installations translate images in a different way and incorporates three-dimensional images.

Red Command Neighborhood (02:13)

According to photojournalist Alexandre Vieira, the powerful Red Command gang has ties to the military. A masked military police officer reports on theories of the drug traffickers movement.

Devil Follows (05:03)

Hoagland visits a religious meeting in Rio where Pastor Milton speaks and shouts about the God, the Devil, and Jesus. Milton claims to be helping people "recover from vice."

Medal of Segregation (01:45)

Congressman Marcelo Freixo tells Hoagland about the government's plan to relocate families that live near the Maracana Stadium in Rio. Homes are being demolished and Freixo says the Olympics are bringing segregation, not democracy.

Estradinha (04:02)

Hoagland finds evidence supporting serious gentrification by the government in Rio. Residents talk about their suspicions and relocation. Lins describes the war in Brazil as economic.

Pastor's Nightmare (04:07)

Hoagland interviews a group of drug dealers with the help of a pastor. A member of the group says he was robbed by the police and refuses to show his face. They want Hoagland to film them giving bribe money to the police.

Photojournalism for Truth (03:32)

Hoagland reflects on the process of his photography and the danger it creates. Christina Guimaraes, a Brazilian journalist, professes her search for truth.

City of Lies (02:36)

Freixo is attacking organized crime. Newspapers report that the homicide rate is going down, but residents argue that it is only because the bodies are not being found and therefore the murders are not investigated.

Not Safer (03:47)

At the scene of a crime, the Military Police disposed of a body before it could be investigated. A favela resident describes the corrupt police interchanging with drug traffickers.

Exposure and Explosion (02:25)

A firefighter discloses that Rio's government has opened a new Homicide Division. Hoagland films the detectives who aim to bring justice in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro.

Outskirts of Rio (03:01)

The military police informant admits to disposing of bodies to conceal them. Protesters hold signs bearing data regarding the homicides. Footage of decaying bodies is shown.

Credits: Witness: Rio (01:09)

Credits: Witness: Rio

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Though Rio de Janeiro will host the Summer Olympics in 2016, the city remains crippled by a war raging in its narrow favelas between police and powerful drug gangs. Several journalists have been murdered here, and Eros Hoagland is one of only a few willing to go into dangerous slums like Mangueira, which overlooks the new Olympic stadium. An officer says their mission is “pacification,” but the military is policing areas where gangs like the Red Command have been pre-warned about upcoming raids and have already left for more remote areas. Rio’s murder rate is said to be falling, yet missing person’s cases are on the rise, prompting Hoagland to ask, “Where are the bodies?” As he goes deeper into the dangerous world of the favelas, he captures the gruesome images of bodies dumped in alleys, buried in wells in the woods, or burned beyond recognition. An HBO Production. 

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