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Eros Hoagland (03:49)


Eros Hoagland describes his career history as a photojournalist. Most of his work has been in Latin America.

Shooting Juarez (02:40)

Hoagland travels to Juarez, a city in Mexico where a violent drug war is underway. He details his creative process in shooting photography.

Extortion and Cartels (04:08)

Hoagland interviews a police official who says that cocaine is not being seized in Juarez. Author Charles Bowden tells Hoagland about the state of human life in Juarez.

Access is Key (03:35)

In order to get to dangerous locations to photograph, Hoagland teams up with the Mexican government. He admits that he does not trust the police.

Respect the Pain (03:29)

Bowden reads aloud from his book, Murder City: Ciudad Juarez and the Global Economy's New Killing Fields. During the aftermath of a murder of three people, Hoagland is told not to film.

Line of Duty (02:00)

Hoagland talks about becoming a photojournalist after his father, John Hoagland, was shot and killed working in the same profession. John worked for "Newsweek" and was shot in El Salvador.

Capturing Something Serious (03:40)

Hoagland photographs a man who has been shot in the abdomen. People, including police, stand and watch as he dies. Hoagland says his only purpose being there was to document it.

Credits: Witness: Juarez (01:10)

Credits: Witness: Juarez

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Witness: Juarez

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Eros Hoagland has been to conflict zones in Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti, but his current focus is Juarez, Mexico, the “murder capital of the world.” Drug violence in Juarez has left over 10,000 dead, and the drugs are still flowing. At a scene where three bodies were found, people bristle that Hoagland is taking pictures, and he’s sympathetic; his father, Newsweek photographer John Hoagland, was killed in El Salvador when Eros was a boy. At another grim locale, a man shot in his car slowly dies as bystanders watch. Hoagland’s photo captures the incongruity of the man’s body on the ground with police boots standing around him. It’s difficult work, but Hoagland says, “You can’t be too hung up on emotions or the work would suffer.” An HBO Production. 

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