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Her Own Wings (02:52)


Katrina Gilbert is raising her three young children alone in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She takes them to a daycare center that is open 24/7 in order to work as a nursing assistant to support them.

Biggest Fear (02:59)

Katrina and her husband Jeremy Gilbert have been separated for over two years after his pain pill addiction destroyed their finances. Being a single mother was her biggest fear, and it has been actualized.

Good Choices, Good Results (02:28)

The Chambliss Center where Katrina sends her children is discounted. Without the center's discount, she would not be able to afford daycare and paying the family bills.

Bill Paying (03:24)

Katrina had a boyfriend who had four daughters, but the relationship did not work out. Katrina figures out all the bills she has to pay on a $700 paycheck for two weeks' worth of work.

Goodbye Stormy (02:48)

The children have a puppy called Stormy but Katrina has to give it away because of space. Katrina found someone on Craigslist to take the dog.

Katrina and Jeremy (03:47)

Katrina picks the children up from the Chambliss Center. The family looks at photos of Katrina and Jeremy from years past. Katrina has to give gas money to Jeremy in order for him to visit the children.

Jeremy's Wishes (03:15)

Jeremy picks up the children. He says he has been trying to raise money to move closer and talks about the trouble he has had with finding work.

Nursing Assistant (02:27)

Katrina often works many days in a row as a nursing assistant helping elderly people get through their days. She is currently on an eight day streak.

Tax Credit (03:00)

Katrina takes the children with her to do taxes where they are disruptive. She is awarded an income tax credit which she will use to pay off her car and get caught up on doctor visits.

Katrina's Checkup (02:40)

Because of a disease she was diagnosed with years ago, Katrina is supposed to have regular checkups and take medication but she cannot afford it usually. She suffers from headaches and panic attacks; she is also diagnosed with anemia and a sinus infection.

Single Mom Stuff (02:39)

Katrina could not afford her medications as they were over $400 altogether. She goes to get her hair done because she has not done anything for herself in a long time.

Hate Being Alone (02:59)

Katrina talks about how much she hates being alone. She takes the kids to Chris's to eat dinner and admits that they are both still interested in one another.

Recurrent Romance (01:57)

Chris and Katrina start dating again. They take their families bowling for Katrina's 30th birthday. Katrina admires him for taking care of his four daughters by himself.

Back to School (03:22)

Katrina is trying to go back to school for radiology and, eventually, nuclear medicine. She takes testing to go back to school and makes the scores she needed.

Jumping Through Hoops (03:38)

Katrina needs her doctor to provide documentation for her missing school in order to allow her to continue her studies. She continues working as a CNA.

Head Start for Trent (03:38)

Trent, Katrina's son, is partaking in a program at Chambliss called Head Start. She expresses her worries about Trent, feeling he is OCD. Her husband is not paying child support since he was laid off.

Custody Battles (04:07)

Katrina and her children move in with Chris, allowing Jeremy to live in Katrina's trailer. A custody battle has separated Chris from his children. Chris describes his financial difficulties.

Water Troubles (02:03)

A flood in Tennessee disrupts the living situation of Katrina, Chris, and the children. Chris describes fainting at Wal-Mart because of dehydration.

Beginning of Graduations (02:12)

The teacher at Chambliss Center talks about how pleased she is when her students accomplish goals readying them for kindergarten. The children are graduating.

Lydia's Graduation (02:53)

At the Chambliss Center children's graduation, parents are thanked for their commitment to their children's educations. The children are called by name, including Lydia Gilbert, Katrina's daughter.

Increasing Struggles (03:34)

Katrina talks about her relationship with Chris and their increasingly difficult financial struggles. Lydia comes down with a fever.

Coughing Kids (04:08)

Katrina takes Lydia to stay with Jeremy. Trent is upset.

Working All Weekend (02:53)

Katrina takes the kids to Jeremy for the weekend as she has to work all weekend. She bids farewell to one of the patrons at the nursing home she works at.

Program Epilogue (01:15)

The Chambliss Center has a waiting list of 230 kids. Jeremy continues to work and visit the children. Katrina got a raise of 14 cents an hour.

Credits: Paycheck to Paycheck: The Life & Times of Katrina Gilbert (03:13)

Credits: Paycheck to Paycheck: The Life & Times of Katrina Gilbert

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Filmed in Chattanooga, TN, Paycheck to Paycheck: The Life and Times of Katrina Gilbert is a personal journey that follows a year in the life of Katrina Gilbert, a 30-year-old woman earning just above the minimum wage as a certified nursing assistant. Katrina never expected to be a single mother of three young children, living paycheck to paycheck and barely scraping by. But after leaving her husband Jeremy – whose addiction to painkillers destroyed their marriage and gutted their finances – Katrina finds herself living in a trailer and providing sole support to her children: Brooklynn, Lydia and Trent. Overworked, underpaid and uninsured, Katrina’s saving graces are a budding relationship with Chris, a single father facing similar circumstances, and the Chambliss Center, a subsidized day-care center that provides affordable daycare. A microcosm of the ordeal faced by some 70 million women and children in the U.S. today, Paycheck to Paycheck is executive produced by Maria Shriver, and is a component of the recently released, multi-platform project, The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink. An HBO Production. 

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