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Moral Crimes (02:39)


Badum Bagh Women's Prison in Kabul, Afghanistan holds 125 prisoners, half of whom are imprisoned for crimes such as premarital sex, fleeing home, and adultery.

Kareema of Bagh (02:42)

A 20 year old girl is in prison for having premarital sex. She is pregnant and will be going to court. She may be sentenced to up to 15 years.

Family Visiting Day (02:58)

Kareema's mother comes to visit her in prison. Kareema explains how she came to be in prison. She went to the authorities herself when her lover's family resisted her desire to marry him.

Kabul Men's Prison (02:02)

Kareema's fiancé, Firuz, is in prison also. He says that he was not going to leave her and she went to the authorities when it could have been resolved. He says he wishes he never met her.

Accomplice in Hiding (03:21)

The prison deputy general talks about how glad he is that the Muslim community punishes women for running away from home or having sex. A girl named Aleema is imprisoned for not returning home at curfew to her violent family and Zia Jaan is charged with housing her illegally.

Saberah's Wish (02:41)

Eighteen year old Saberah fell in love with a boy and was sent to prison by her father. She is accused of sexual relations prior to marriage.

Vigilante Wife (03:33)

Naseema, age 45, has been imprisoned for murdering her husband, and reports no feelings of remorse. She says he committed acts of pedophilia while married with children, and that the police would have killed him had he been caught.

Love Debts (02:58)

Zia feels that because she and her son are imprisoned on account of hiding Aleema, the young woman owes it to her to marry Zia's son. Aleema is in love with someone else, but Zia's son, Mohebullah, accepts that he must marry her.

Second Marriages (04:02)

Aleema is sure that Zia only wants her to marry her son Mohebullah because Zia wants to save money. Aleema thinks he is not wealthy enough. Mohebullah has another wife, who he says consents to him taking a second wife.

Kabdul Courthouse (04:48)

Defense lawyer Ahmed Zia defends Saberah in court when she faces trial for premarital sexual relations with a boy called Abbas. Zia tells Saberah's father to negotiate a marriage between Saberah and Abbas.

Kareema's Parents' Home (02:37)

Saberah and Kareema discuss weddings while in prison. Kareema's 67 year old father says she has brought shame and embarrassment upon him. He says many men have proposed to Kareema, and that he should be benefiting from her marriage, but her lover is penniless.

Family Home of Firuz (02:14)

Firuz's parents do not like Kasheema because she is a Hazara. They say she lacks honor and that the relationship between Kasheema and Firuz was her fault. They hope Firuz will have a second wife after Kareema.

Negotiations of Marriage (02:32)

Kareema's father hopes to negotiate a wedding to end the suffering. Firuz's uncle handles the negotiations and he calls her a witch, saying she is not worthy of the money her family asked for.

Aleema's Case (02:36)

Aleema's legal counsel tells her that being divorced will significantly hurt her case and that "a bad husband is better than no husband." Aleema thinks Kareema is haughty.

Wedding Day (02:49)

Firuz and Kareema are getting married. Her father does not attend and Firuz's uncle promises Kareema will be paid. Kareema complains about the wedding.

Kareema's Money (03:57)

As Kareema is married in family court, she demands $30,000 in case of divorce to prevent Firuz from being able to divorce her. Kareema demands money from Firuz for a party she wants to have in prison.

Zia's Promises (03:24)

Naseema tells Kareema how badly she has felt since she hit Kareema, adding that it is sinful to hit a pregnant woman. Aleema talks to Zia about marrying her son Mohebullah.

Awaiting Court (03:13)

Saberah and Kareema await court for their respective crimes. Saberah hopes to be released when a marriage is negotiated; Kareema does not know whether she will face 15 years or a year and a half of prison time.

Kareema and Firuz at Criminal Court (04:11)

The judge sentences Kareema and Firuz to three months including time served, so they will be released shortly following their court date. The judge wants them to work at developing their family and to release their families from shame.

Kareema's Fate (03:10)

Kareema's parents say that she got herself into this marriage and that they will not participate in it. They say that she is to be her husband’s family’s servant and that they will not intervene in the case of abuse.

Denials and Sentences (03:26)

When Aleema and Zia face court, Aleema refuses to marry Mohebullah. Aleema faces 10 months in prison and Zia, 18. Saberah's marriage does not work out and she is sentenced to three years in prison.

Kareema's Release (04:07)

Kareema bids farewell to the women in prison. Aleema says she cannot go home even if she is released because of the shame she has brought her family. She says her parents will kill her if she goes home.

Credits: Love Crimes of Kabul (01:29)

Credits: Love Crimes of Kabul

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Love Crimes of Kabul takes you behind the bars of Afghanistan’s Badam Baugh Women’s Prison, where half of the inmates are in prison for “Moral Crimes” including adultery and premarital sex, which are illegal in Afghanistan. Through unprecedented access to the prison, the film tells the stories of three young women who have been imprisoned for various transgressions, and are awaiting trial for their “crimes.” If convicted, each of them could spend up to 20 years behind bars. An HBO Production. 

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