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Acquiring Citizenship (03:42)


Filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi's husband was a resident alien. After the two had a child, he decided he wanted to become a citizen. Pelosi describes the qualifications required to become an American citizen.

Why America? (03:17)

Walter from Poland says he has decided to become a citizen of the United States because of the country's democracy and the fact that a black man could become president. He remembers when he first began dreaming in English.

Fleeing to Freedom (03:59)

A woman from Jordan describes her delight with the churches so abundant in Memphis, Tennessee. She endeavors to get a passport and cruise to Alaska with her new citizenship.

When Will You Become a Citizen? (03:15)

Marie Jana Korbelova from Czechoslovakia is now U.S. Secretary of State and known as Madeline Albright. She describes the warm welcome her family found in America after dictatorship overtook her homeland.

Best Things About U.S. (03:52)

New citizens talk about their favorite parts of America: 911, Disneyworld, and the ability to buy things on credit. A woman from Israel says that in her country, she would have had to join the military during her young adulthood. Sam from Afghanistan likes the girls.

Heinz Alfred Kissinger (03:51)

German born U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, believes that the United States is the only country that would allow a foreign born, foreign accented person to become hold such a position

American Dream (03:31)

A man from Portugal tells about his job in America and notes that people in America take everything for granted, like water. He feels he is living the American Dream and is going to celebrate his citizenship with his very own American flag.

Starting a New Place (03:00)

A woman from Cuba ended up in Mississippi because of a scholarship to law school. She likes that she has been able to bring her culture to America.

Security and Women's Rights (03:58)

A man from Thailand came to the U.S. to teach Buddhism and meditation, but wants to stay because he loves America. A Middle Eastern family talks about enjoying peace and security in Utah.

Equality and Guns (03:13)

In Delaware, Pelosi meets Chong Sil Sciglitano, who feels America is great because of the equality of men and women, a sharp difference from the male centered society in Korea. In Houston, Tommy Pilgrim from Canada says the ease of buying a firearm in the U.S. for sporting purposes attracted him.

Class-Free Safety (04:05)

Arianna Stassinopoulos from Greece, now Arianna Huffington, feels that America is unique in that it is not based in class or hierarchy the way other developed countries are. Rawan Barghout from Jordan in North Carolina is grateful for the school bus system in America.

Rock and Roll Star (01:56)

Nuclear chemist Michael Fassbender from Germany was attracted to America because of a nuclear weapons laboratory. Chaim Witz, from Israel, has become Gene Simmons.

More Than a Country: A Guardian (02:32)

In Kentucky, a man from Nigeria has acquired two degrees in America in seven years, a feat that would not have been easy back home. In Seattle, Washington, a ceremony takes place at the Key Arena Event Center.

Immigration Law Protests (03:58)

In Arizona, a protest against Arizona's immigration law is held. Luis Nunez compares the state of Arizona to a Nazi state.

Welcoming Citizens (01:15)

Pelosi celebrates her journey across the 50 states. Her favorite thing about America is its newest citizens who enrich the culture.

Credits: Citizen U.S.A.: A 50 State Road Trip (01:47)

Credits: Citizen U.S.A.: A 50 State Road Trip

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Intrepid journalist/filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi – who has built an award-winning reputation with her playful, politically charged HBO documentaries focusing on both the famous (George Bush, Ted Haggard, John McCain, Barack Obama) and not-so-famous (right-wing Republicans, Evangelicals, motel kids in California) – unabashedly waves the flag in this uplifting and illuminating look at the naturalization process in America. Beginning with the swearing-in ceremony of her own Dutch-born husband, Michiel Vos (who produced this and several other HBO films with his wife), Pelosi travels across the U.S. to attend naturalization ceremonies in all 50 states, where she meets brand-new citizens and probes why they inevitably chose America as their home. The documentary intersperses stories of newly naturalized citizens with interviews from notable first-generation Americans, including Madeleine Albright, Arianna Huffington, Henry Kissinger and Gene Simmons. An HBO Production. 

Length: 52 minutes

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