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The Enchanters of Montparnasse: Episode 4: Introduction (03:02)


A recap of the previous episode highlights Guillaume Apollinaire's return after the war, Modigliani's art experiments, Picasso's paintings, and Apollinaire's "The Breasts of Tiresias." Apollinaire and Modigliani died. After the war, Picasso, Max Jacob, and other artists left Paris.

Breton and Soupault (02:44)

In 1919, poets André Breton and Philippe Soupault became friends. Together, they created "Magnetic Fields." Tristan Tzara joined their anti-war mindset.

Founding of Dada (02:20)

Tzara and friends founded the new artistic movement during the war. Tzara wrote the "Manifestos of Dada."

Louis Aragon (03:16)

Aragon joined Tzara, Breton, and Soupault. He was a decorated war veteran, a medical student, and an author. Aragon was well educated and seeing a woman called Nancy.

Surrealists and Dada (04:02)

Surrealists attended the Dada festival; Tzara's performance was well received. Breton held meetings at his home and at cafes. The meetings involved analyses of the press and debates on sexuality; Breton took attendance.

Kiki of Montparnasse (01:59)

American Man Ray arrived in France and befriended surrealists. He met Kiki after a waiter ordered her removed for not wearing a hat; she made a spectacle of up skirting herself.

Kiki Models for Ray (03:11)

Ray took Kiki to the movies and asked to paint her. He photographed her instead and the pair subsequently dated for six years.

Kiki and Ray (03:50)

During Kiki and Ray's relationship, they lived in a studio, an apartment, and a room at Hotel Istria. Their relationship was full of fighting as Kiki struggled to settle into domesticity and Ray continued photographing.

Kiki the Queen (04:24)

The surrealists attended a bar that had a neon sign and cowboy paintings. Kiki would get drunk and sing at the bar. Robert Desnos joined Breton, Soupault, and Tzara; he experimented in his sleep.

Soutine's Metamorphosis (02:59)

Chaim Soutine frequented the same bar as the surrealists. He lived in a large studio near Montparnasse where he painted an ox.

Artists and Games (04:36)

Aragon was heartbroken by his independent lover, Nancy. He moved into a house near other artists and became closer with his friends. He took a new lover, Elsa, who he did not like as much as Nancy and felt was clingy.

Lee Miller's Arrival (02:05)

Ray met the American model, who arrived in Paris to study photography. Ray ran off with Miller. Kiki fell in love with someone else and became a painter.

Picasso's Mistress (02:08)

Picasso and his wife lived in a large fancy apartment and no longer attended bars. They had a child together. Picasso took another lover and paid for her to live in apartment near his home.

Salvador Dali (04:19)

Dali visited Picasso; he was interested in avant-garde artists. Dali began a new way of painting and charmed Paul Eluard's wife, Gala.

Dali and Bunuel (03:22)

Dali met filmmaker Luis Bunuel and they created a film of dreams; the film rejected rational representations. Bunuel became the first surrealist filmmaker and elevated Bunuel's status. Breton rejected Dali following the production of the film.

Surrealism's Subjects (01:12)

Facets of surrealism included psychoanalysis, culture, revolution, and anti-militarism. Although the subjects banded the artists together, they ultimately tore them apart. Surrealism was stained with exclusions and schisms between friends.

Credits: The Enchanters of Montparnasse: Episode 4—The Adventurers Of Modern Art (01:01)

Credits: The Enchanters of Montparnasse: Episode 4—The Adventurers Of Modern Art

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The war has ended, and the streets erupt in celebration. Montparnasse swings to the rhythms of jazz and hops to the buzz of lively cafés. Paris is a movable feast. Conceived as reactions against the absurdity of war, the Dadaist and Surrealist revolutions are underway. Leading the charge are "the three musketeers": Breton, Aragon, and Soupault, backed by Man Ray, Desnos, Tzara, and many others. In 1919, one of the major works of the Surrealist movement is unveiled: Les Champs magnétiques. The model Kiki, revered by every painter of the day and poised to be crowned queen of Montparnasse, has a tumultuous love affair with Man Ray before he takes off with Lee Miller.

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