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Paris Capital of the World: Episode 3: Introduction (01:50)


A recap of the previous episode highlights Picasso's revolutionary painting of 1906, his exploration of cubism, and his trouble when the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre. Max Jacob remained poor while Apollinaire became an art critic and eventually joined the war, writing poetry to his lover before shrapnel pierced his helmet and wounded him.

Guillaume Apollinaire (02:54)

In March 1916, shards of shrapnel were extracted from Apollinaire's temple and he arrived at a military hospital in Paris. He had further operations and sent a telegram to his lover; he met another woman who went to live with him.

Marie Vassilieff (02:50)

The Hive in Montparnasse housed many of the foreign artists remaining in Paris. A Russian painter and sculptor, Marie Vassilieff, made doll portraits and ran a soup kitchen.

La Rotonde and Chaim Soutine (03:27)

Artists in Paris spent time at the La Rotonde, where they would drink cheap coffee and wash in the sinks. Chaim Soutine was ill-mannered, Jewish, and a regular at La Rontonde.

Soutine, a Poor Artist (04:15)

Soutine fled antisemitism, seeking refuge in Paris with many other artists where he became a member of the Paris School. He was critical of his work and destroyed paintings when he was not happy with them; word spread not to criticize his art. Modigliani sketched portraits of strangers and bartered for alcoholic beverages.

Amedeo Modigliani (03:37)

Modigliani was known for being generous and courageous. He wanted to enlist in the military but was refused for health reasons. Soutine's only friend was Modigliani.

Modigliani's Dreams (02:30)

Modigliani was sick and was unable to achieve his goal of becoming a sculptor. Many describe his paintings as sculptures on canvas.

Modigliani and Picasso (02:08)

Modigliani and a lover of his broke up; she attended a dinner party with another man and a fight broke out. Picasso helped push Modigliani out of the party and their friendship faltered.

Picasso's Studio (02:34)

Picasso lived near a cemetery in a studio apartment that was filled with art supplies. He painted all surfaces around him.

Picasso and the Ballet (03:41)

Picasso created the costume and sets in a ballet collaboration with other artists. The costumes made the dancers move stiffly.

"The Breasts of Tiresias" (02:49)

In Northern France, the war continued until the battalions called for an end. A theater featured Apollinaire's play; it became the avant-garde feature of the year. He called it "surrealist."

Artists' Intimate Lives (03:00)

Picasso covered his canvasses with the likeness of his 27-year-old Russian lover, Olga Stepanovna Khokhlova; the two married. Apollinaire married his lover, Jacqueline in a religious ceremony. Modigliani met a girl many years his junior with Catholic parents.

Kiki of Montparnasse (02:52)

Kiki became part of the artists’ lives after being hired as model. She claimed to earn a living by showing her breasts to men outside the train station prior to being hired on as a model.

Spanish Flu (03:49)

Apollinaire fell sick; his wife and friends stayed close by. He died on the same day the war was to end.

Peace Arrives (04:13)

After the war's end, Paris was a joyful place. Modigliani was a drunk and his paintings sold for far less than they would come to be worth five years later. He died of tuberculosis in January 1920.

Modigliani's Last Journey (02:36)

Modigliani's widow was pregnant when he died. She threw herself over a fifth floor balcony and was found the next day.

Credits: Paris Capital of the World: Episode 3—The Adventurers of Modern Art (01:05)

Credits: Paris Capital of the World: Episode 3—The Adventurers of Modern Art

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On being released from the hospital, Apollinaire discovers what life is like in Paris during the war. In Montparnasse, foreign artistsmost of whom are Jewish, having fled the anti-Semitism of Eastern Europe—are dying of hunger. They form the School of Paris. Soutine, the poorest of the Russian artists, strikes up a friendship with Modigliani, the handsomest of the Italians. In 1917, Apollinaire stages a performance of his play Les Mamelles de Tirésias using the subheading "surrealist drama." The word "surrealist" is born. It catches on, becoming common currency in art circles around the globe. One year later, Apollinaire succumbs to the Spanish flu. Modigliani passes away on January 24, 1920. His funeral, attended by all the artists of Montparnasse, brings the age of bohemianism to a definitive end.

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