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Heroin: Leading Cause of Death (02:47)


David Muir and medic Chris Hickey arrive at the scene of an overdose victim lying in the road. Parents share stories of personal losses.

Meet Addict Aaron Smith (04:37)

A young father and husband took Percocet before becoming hooked on heroin. Finding treatment in New Hampshire is nearly impossible. With only two days to go, his withdrawals become intolerable.

Smith's Overdose (03:04)

Smith's father describes trying to save his son. Wife Kaitlin Norton refuses to talk to Smith while she is in rehab. Smith wants to use again to stop the painful emotions of not being with his son.

Fentanyl Laced Heroin (01:32)

Twenty-four hours before he can get treatment, Smith succumbs to his addiction. Used by hospitals for pain, fentanyl is 50 times more potent than heroin. The street form is cooked in makeshift labs. Smith talks about feeling excited to take heroin.

Shooting-up at In-laws (03:44)

Smith is allowed a final visit with his son before going to a 28-day program, but after using at their house, his in-laws reconsider letting him spend the night. Advocating for Smith, Norton helps him and others find treatment.

Smith's Final Days (02:05)

Smith only lasts three days in rehab because the facility cannot provide medication for his withdrawals. He overdoses eight days later. His father remembers getting the call. One person overdoses every day in New Hampshire.

Funeral Services (02:45)

Family and friends gather to say goodbye. Advocate Kerry Norton vows to keep fighting. Her son survives a recent overdose. Kaitlin Norton learns of her husband's death on her last day in treatment.

Living With Recovering Addicts (01:01)

See Kaitlin's new home and hear how long she has been clean. Coming up, a couple makes a life-changing decision and an addict's startling comments.

Youngest Victims (00:43)

A three pound newborn suffers from withdrawals. In America, a baby dependent on opiates is born every 25 minutes. A six day old will receive morphine treatments.

Matt and Savanah's Story (03:39)

Chloe was a dependent newborn. Her parents are both recovering heroin addicts. Savanah stopped taking heroin when she learned she was five months pregnant. She can barely find the money for the prescription drugs she needs to stay clean.

Twelve Hours Without Subutex (02:05)

Savanah becomes verbally abusive when her pills run out. It is a one hour drive to the only available treatment center. Muir learns from the program director that there are waves of young mom's struggling with opioid addiction.

Dealer Targets Savanah (01:54)

Matt expects Savanah to be irritable until the Subutex takes effect. Medic Chris Hickey shows Muir the needles and drug tools that are lying around in parks and on the street. A local dealer says he would gladly get Savanah hooked again to make a profit.

Day in Court (05:05)

Matt faces criminal drug charges in Vermont and hopes a new law will give him a chance at treatment and not jail time. His mom helps him and Savanah pack for the trip. Savanah is afraid for herself and Matt. She is devastated at the judge's ruling.

Savanah Missing (01:47)

Two months after Matt is taken into custody, Savanah has disappeared, leaving Pam to care for Chloe. Pam needs her birth certificate in order to get temporary custody. She finds a defiant Savanah in a drug store parking lot.

Cartels Target American Communities (03:01)

New Hampshire will see its deadliest year yet from heroin. It spends 20 times more on law enforcement than on drug treatment. Savanah is now in jail. Children learn how to administer lifesaving drugs. Manchester approves a home for recovering addicts.

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In this 20/20 special report, David Muir takes us to New Hampshire and inside the lives of recovering heroin addicts, their families, the health professionals working to help them, and those who do not survive. Aaron Smith struggles to find a treatment center where he can get help and when he does they do not have the drugs to get him through withdrawals. Follow Savanah and Matt as they do their best to remain drug free so they can give their baby girl a good life. See babies born dependent on opiates and children learning how to administer drugs to save someone from a heroin overdose. Hear about the uphill battle facing New Hampshire in the fight against heroin; no community should feel immune. An ABC News Production.

Length: 41 minutes

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