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Introduction: Accounting: When am I Ever Going to Use This? (00:34)


This segment provides an overview of the episode and orients viewers to the two parts of the program.

Why Take an Accounting Course? (01:13)

Accounting is essential to controlling your own personal finances as well as a businesses. Isabelle H. describes how glad she is to be taking an accounting course now.

What is Accounting? (01:40)

Accounting is keeping track of all financial transactions. An accounting system can provide information about where money is being spent, where it should be spent, and the bottom line.

How Accounting Relates to Households (01:36)

Spend wisely to save money for the future, invest in items you need and help others. Ralph G. describes how a good accountant helps businesses.

Accounting in the Real World (01:52)

Most businesses use computer software to determine where the money is coming from, where it is going, and profits or losses. Ralph G explains some basic reports accountants generate.

The Accounting Equation (04:19)

Assets equal liabilities plus capital. Examples are provided to demonstrate the three types of data and the function of the accounting equation.

Accounting in the Real World (03:12)

Nick B. and Ralph G. discuss how they became interested in accounting and how they went about creating a career. Reis G. describes how important accounting is with his business.

Accounting as a Career (01:09)

Accountants are in demand in today's job market. They earn 75,000 dollars to start and pay increases as the corporate ladder is ascended.

The Accounting Wrap Up (01:47)

An accounting background makes potential candidates attractive to employers. You much more attractive to potential employers with an accounting background. Narrators summarize the episode.

Credits: Accounting: When Am I ever Going to Use This? (00:27)

Credits: Accounting: When Am I ever Going to Use This?

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Accounting: When Am I Ever Going to Use This?

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In this classroom video, students discover why accounting is the backbone of every business, how an accounting system works, and learn about potential career opportunities. Students will also be introduced to working professionals who demonstrate how they use their accounting skills to succeed in their careers and personal lives.

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