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Alternative Ways of Measuring Progress (04:10)


Silver Donald Cameron classifies Anders Hayden as a radical. Hayden discusses the GDP as a measure of well-being, and progress and the mainstream interest in alternative measures that include the environment.

Measuring the Impact of Measurements (01:54)

Hayden is interested in looking at the initial impact of alternative measures of well-being such as the Canadian Index of Well-being, the GPI Atlantic measurement, individual state measures in the U.S., and the GNH Index in Bhutan.

Research Project Hypothesis (02:52)

Hayden's research questions the impact of new measurement systems on social priorities. He discusses "better policies at the margin" in government.

Public Policy Priorities? (03:00)

Hayden discusses elements that impact well-being such as social isolation. He believes we need to think more fundamentally about economic growth; ecological sustainability should be a priority.

Comparative Studies (02:31)

Hayden discusses the responses of Canada and the United Kingdom to the ecological crisis and pursuit of economic growth. He explains the "green critique of growth" and cites the sufficiency perspective.

Sufficiency Perspective (02:59)

Simultaneous GDP growth and environmental impact reduction is a significant part of the environmental movement. Hayden discusses the benefits and drawbacks of this perspective and the need to ask how much is enough.

Increased Environmental Impact? (02:21)

Hayden discusses the overall impact of a decreasing impact per unit but an increase in units of production and the rebound effect.

Canada/U.K. Comparison (03:16)

Cameron asks, "If Canada represents business as usual and the U.K. represents green growth, what represents sufficiency?" Hayden states that sufficiency ideas are becoming part of the debate but face many obstacles; he provides examples

Asking Questions about Sufficiency (03:11)

Hayden discusses the political challenges of the perception that sufficiency is a loss; aviation is a tough case. He considers cases that have less environmental impact.

Redefining Wealth and a Good Life (02:30)

Hayden believes the sufficiency perspective needs a positive vision. He considers the link between higher incomes and well-being, and well-being elements that have little environmental impact.

Work Time Reduction (03:10)

The Labor Movement pursued lowering the number of hours in a work week. Hayden considers why the movement drifted away from that aspect.

Shorter Work Week, Longer Vacation (03:23)

Hayden discusses the push for shorter work hours in the European context. Today, work hours and vacation time have become more individualized.

Anxiety Reduction (04:35)

Cameron discusses income tax in Denmark and anxiety as a result of insufficient support. Hayden states that economic insecurity can be a powerful push to work more. He believes economic security should play a significant role in well-being measurements.

Positive Value of Sufficiency (05:35)

Cameron reflects on the "complex elements" of quality of life. Hayden compares the traditional needs of pre-modern and modern societies; we need a cultural effort to revalue societal areas.

Impact of Reducing Work Time (03:06)

Hayden discusses the ecological impact of reducing work hours. He believes it will be difficult to address the issues of well-being, climate change, and other environmental problems while there is a significant commitment to growth.

Consumerism and Religion (03:06)

Cameron states that 99% of what we purchase is in the dump within six months. Hayden reflects on living with less consumption and obtaining more free time. He considers the role of climate change in some religious beliefs.

Review and Resources (00:28)

Cameron briefly recaps the conversation with Hayden and suggests other "Green Interview" programs.

Credits: A Good Life Redefined: Anders Hayden (00:16)

Credits: A Good Life Redefined: Anders Hayden

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This episode of The Green Interview features Anders Hayden, author of Sharing the Work Sparing the Planet and more recently, When Green Growth is Not Enough: Climate Change, Ecological Modernization, and Sufficiency. A leading proponent of new work schedules, Hayden argues that working people have historically pushed for reduced hours since the start of the industrial revolution to create more jobs and to "live dignified and healthy lives," but that today there is an additional recognition of ecological limits. He argues that the idea of infinite growth is no longer an option at a time when current levels of consumption in industrialized countries have become unsustainable and that the promise of the benefits of technological advance and growth have also not been realized. He says that we should be focusing on sufficiency rather than efficiency and that it’s time to collectively advance a new vision of wealth, one that offers real security and wellbeing.   

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