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Charges against Anthony Charboneau (05:25)


Robin Charboneau and her attorney Robert Ackre discuss custody. A grand jury believes Jodie Blackboy's testimony against Charboneau's ex-husband. Federal prosecutor Gary Delorme links Robin's daughter and foster daughter's cases together in one charging document.

Charboneau Family Reunited (03:58)

Tribal Social Services returns Charboneau's children to her home after Anthony Charboneau was indicted. Darian and Anthony discuss their school day.

Family and College Obligations (05:07)

Charboneau struggles to manage all her responsibilities; she works with her teachers to get caught up in class. Charboneau and Darian discuss Charboneau's social services class.

Charboneau's New Beau (03:11)

Charboneau started dating Darren Spoon; he brings her jewelry.

Family Dynamics (05:40)

The Red River in Fargo, North Dakota crested its banks, flooding the area. Charboneau worries about Darian's upcoming court date and Anthony's struggles with anger. She talks with Anthony about his feelings.

Charboneau's Academic Career (02:58)

Charboneau talks with her academic advisor Jeremy Carney. She decides to put school on hold for two years.

Pending Court Date (02:10)

Charboneau reflects on upcoming sexual assault case against her ex-husband and his reaction.

Federal Trial for Sexual Assault: Day 1 (07:34)

Kim Carlson states that Anthony Charboneau's family claims the trial is about custody. Prosecutor Gary Delorme discusses the defense counsel's trial approach and the testimonies of Darian, Arlen French, and Donna French. Charboneau prepares for the worst.

Federal Trial for Sexual Assault: Day 2 (06:41)

Charboneau reflects on her trial testimony. Delmore discusses Blackboy's testimony and closing arguments; the jury found Anthony Charboneau guilty on two counts of sexual assault on a minor. Blackboy and Darian spend time together.

Charboneau's Relationship (02:00)

Charboneau and Spoon play baseball; they planned to get married. Charboneau discusses her children's reactions.

Charboneau Moves Forward (04:25)

Charboneau and her children move to International Falls. She got a job as a supervised visit coordinator at Friends Against Abuse.

Setting Boundaries (04:52)

Charboneau worries about her children's friendships with older boys. She talks with Darian about personal boundaries.

Victim Impact Statement (02:50)

Charboneau writes a letter to the judge detailing the effects of sexual abuse on her family. She reflects on Darian's relationship with Darren.

Leaving the Country (03:37)

Darian sings in her room while Anthony rides his bike. Charboneau and her children prepare to move to Canada. They create a code word for when they feel uncomfortable.

House Renovations (05:25)

The Charboneau family move onto the Seine River First Nation reservation with Spoon. They work on the house and go fishing.

Stress of Living in Canada (04:15)

Charboneau and Spoon discuss finances. Charboneau crosses the border daily to work for Friends Against Abuse. She fears she will be arrested for kidnapping.

Making Friends (02:19)

Darian finds Canada boring. She and Anthony talk with local kids about school.

Relationship Insecurities (02:41)

Charboneau discusses her relationship with Spoon. Spoon fears she will meet someone else.

Financial and Educational Difficulties (03:32)

Darian, Anthony, and Charboneau argue over fishing. Charboneau discusses school enrollment for the children; she is moving back to International Falls.

Supporting Charboneau (02:32)

Charboneau talks with her boss about her hours and moving back to International Falls. Leeann Meer promises to help.

Return to International Falls (02:24)

Darian plays the trumpet in the homecoming parade. The Charboneaux family lives in a duplex; Charboneaux was unable to get a pay raise.

ADHD and Structure (03:14)

Anthony functions better with structure and a visual list; sometimes he struggles in school.

Educational Awareness (04:17)

Darian and Anthony argue on the way home from school. At home, they talk about their school progress and the domestic violence walk. Spoon helps the Charboneau family pass out flyers.

"Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" (05:56)

Men in heels participate in the domestic violence awareness march. Charboneau compares International Falls to the Spirit Lake reservation. Charboneau and Spoon go dancing; she reflects on their relationship.

Worsening Depression (03:56)

Charboneau broke up with Spoon and spent time in the psych ward. Spoon discusses his surprise and decision to help.

Survivor or Victim (02:40)

Charboneau spent five days in the psych ward and returned home with medication. She and her children prepare for Christmas.

Coping Mechanism (02:31)

Charboneau talks to Meer about her nervous breakdown. Meer is concerned about the effects of work stress.

Abuse Awareness Training (08:14)

Charboneau shares her story of sexual and emotional abuse, and history of drinking; Darian and Spoon listen from the audience.

Christmas in International Falls (06:58)

Anthony talks to Santa about school and what he wants for Christmas. The Charboneau family and Spoon open presents Christmas morning. Charboneau received an email from her boss stating that her hours would be reduced.

New Opportunities (02:29)

Charboneau resigned from Friends Against Abuse and got a job as an educational coordinator at the Sunrise Center.

Anthony's Behavior (03:15)

Anthony acts out in class. He sees a counselor and has a big brother mentor.

Raising Money for the Sunrise Center (04:32)

Darian heads a meeting for a charity basketball tournament. Teams from Canada and the U.S. compete in the tournament.

Child Abuse Prevention (06:14)

Charboneau receives speaking engagement invitations. She shares her personal story of rape during her power point presentation at Fond du Lac.

Speaking Engagement (07:05)

Charboneau gives an abuse prevention presentation and answers audience questions; she shares her personal experiences. The Sunrise Center and Friends Against Abuse are merging; Charboneau will lose her job.

Money and Relationship Conflicts (06:02)

During dinner, Spoon tells Charboneau he wants to leave town for the weekend and spend $100 to clean his car. Charboneau discusses her financial situation.

Another Breakup (03:53)

Spoon and Charboneau argue and Spoon goes back to Canada. He calls and apoligizes; this is the third time he has left. Anthony climbs out his window.

Opportunity in North Dakota (05:12)

Spoon returns six months after their last breakup and discusses his insecurities. Charboneau received a job offer on the Spirit Lake reservation. Spoon proposes.

Charboneau's Wedding (03:11)

Charboneau and Spoon exchange wedding vows.

Charboneau Returns to Spirit Lake (06:21)

Charboneau works with the First Nation Women's Alliance. She meets with lawyer Ackre and discusses sole custody of her children. Charboneau reflects on her life's journey; her ex-husband will soon be out of prison.

Credits: Kind Hearted Woman: Part 2 (01:33)

Credits: Kind Hearted Woman: Part 2

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In this two-part series, David Sutherland creates a portrait of Robin Charboneau, a single mother living on North Dakota's Spirit Lake Reservation. Sutherland follows Robin as she struggles to raise her two children, further her education, and heal from the wounds of sexual abuse she suffered as a child. In Part 2, Robin's daughter testifies at a sexual assault trial against her father, Robin meets Darren Spoon, and the family moves several times. Distributed by PBS Distribution. 

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