Segments in this Video

Returning from Treatment (02:16)


Recovering alcoholic Robin Charboneau worries she will begin drinking again; she spent 20 days in treatment. Charboneau wants to smudge her house.

Spiritual Ritual (03:12)

Eugene Hale, the "roadman" arrives to smudge Charboneau's house.

Family Changes (04:26)

Charboneau and her children, Anthony and Darian, discuss holidays, Charboneau's drinking, and moving off the reservation.

Victim Counseling (03:25)

Charboneau speaks with Linda Thompson at the Spirit Lake Victims of Abuse Center. They discuss moving to Fargo and making a public service announcement.

Victim of Abuse (02:07)

Charboneau reads a poem on the radio. Throughout her childhood, Charboneau experienced sexual abuse. As an adult, she experienced physical abuse.

Living in Fargo (03:46)

Charboneau lives at the YWCA; her children are with their dad on the reservation. She plans on attending the University of Minnesota.

Help from the YWCA (02:43)

Director Karen Carlson speaks with Charboneau about employment, work experience, and resources. Charboneau has low self-confidence.

University of Minnesota in Moorhead (02:32)

Charboneau speaks with the admissions counselor; she is interested in social work and psychology.

Mother's Day Weekend (03:30)

Charboneau visits her children; Darian reads a letter she wrote and Anthony catches a fish but it gets away.

Blended Family (05:30)

Charboneau talks with her children about family dynamics at their father's house; they sing together in the car. Anthony does not want to leave his mother.

Family History of Drinking (02:20)

Charboneau visits her mother's grave. She discusses her mother's alcoholism.

Power of Addiction (06:54)

Charboneau visits her brother Barney in Grand Forks. She worries about his choices and urges him to go to Fargo. An intoxicated man interrupts Charboneau's conversation with her brother; Barney tries to get him to leave.

Charboneau's Father (03:52)

Charboneau visits Arlen French; French initially did not want to acknowledge her as his daughter. French and Charboneau are recovering alcoholics. Charboneau reflects on their family dynamics.

Darian's Secret (06:39)

Darian and Anthony spend two weeks with Charboneau in Fargo; they tour the college campus. Darian has to call her father every day. Darian reveals that her father has been abusing her.

Sexual Abuse in the Family (04:14)

Kim Carlson discusses getting help for Darian; Social Services removes Darian and Anthony from their father's care. Charboneau talks with Darian about her experiences.

Changing Lifestyle (02:30)

Charboneau shares her concerns with her AA sponsor Sherry Withers; Withers encourages her to attend AA meetings.

Fighting for Legal Custody (03:09)

Darian and Anthony build Lego sets. Charboneau and Carlson discuss the custody case and allegations against Charboneau's ex-husband.

Afraid to Drink (03:11)

Charboneau struggles to focus on college and take care of herself and her children. She attends a psych class on drug and alcohol abuse.

High Emotions (04:53)

Charboneau worries that the court will return her children to their father. She talks to Anthony about counseling. Anthony gets angry when Charboneau and Darian tease him; he shares his feelings about his dad.

Financial Difficulties (04:22)

Charboneau works part time as a housekeeper at a motel; she is living off her student loans. Charboneau refuses to drink. Anthony and Darian discuss their first day at school.

Tribal Social Services Removes Charboneau's Children (08:48)

A caseworker accused Charboneau of sexual abuse. Charboneau talks to her attorney Robert Ackre about custody. Carlson discusses the caseworker's connections to Charboneau.

Tribal Court (04:34)

The petitioners do not appear in court for a custody hearing. Charboneau and Ackre consider the next steps.

Charboneau's Date (06:54)

Charboneau spends New Year's Eve with an old boyfriend from high school.

Continuing Education (05:57)

Charboneau is on financial aid probation with MSUM. She speaks with her advisor about registering for spring classes. Charboneau attends a social work class.

Sexual Abuse Victim (05:13)

Charboneau shows her cousin Jodie what it is like at college. They discuss the molestation Jodie experienced at the hands of Charboneau's ex-husband.

Charboneau's Persistence (02:50)

Charboneau misses her children. See her singing while she drives.

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In this two-part series, David Sutherland creates a portrait of Robin Charboneau, a single mother living on North Dakota's Spirit Lake Reservation. Sutherland follows Robin as she struggles to raise her two children, further her education, and heal from the wounds of sexual abuse she suffered as a child. In Part 1, Robin leaves the reservation to start a new life in Fargo. She enrolls in the University of Minnesota, learns troubling news about her daughter, and begins a fight for custody. Distributed by PBS Distribution. 

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