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Rape on the Night Shift: Introduction (02:09)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of rape in the janitorial service. (Sponsors)

Maria Bojorquez (02:53)

Many janitors are women who work in isolation. Maria Bojorquez describes working at night in the San Francisco Ferry Building and being raped by her supervisor. (Credits)

Sexual Harassment (02:53)

More than 17,000 sexual assaults occur at work every year. Attorney Anna Park identifies the common theme of employers not taking complaints seriously. Frontline found more than 40 lawsuits filed against the largest U.S. janitorial service, ABM.

Maria Magaña (02:46)

Maria Magaña recalls the night she was raped. See a portion of José Vasquez's deposition testimony.

Registered Sex Offender (03:49)

ABM received anonymous letters identifying Vasquez as a sexual predator; see a portion of his deposition testimony. Erika Morales recalls the night Vasquez tried to rape her and reporting the incident to ABM.

Sexual Harassment Lawsuits (01:52)

Morales became the lead plaintiff in EEOC's lawsuit against ABM; Vasquez was never charged for sexual assault. ABM agreed to pay $5.8 million and strengthen procedures involving sexual harassment complaints; the EECO sued ABM less than a month later.

ABM Responds to Frontline (03:06)

Former ABM CEO Henrik Slipsager appeared on Undercover Boss. See ABM Deputy General Counsel Miranda Taylor's video statement. Attorney Mary Shultz discusses the Central Valley class action lawsuit against ABM.

ABM Litigation (03:07)

Shultz reviews Miriam Pacheco's deposition and reflects on ABM's responsibility. Bojorquez won her lawsuit against ABM in 2012. Before an appellate court, ABM's lawyer states that the company cannot always prevent abuses before they occur.

Invisible Workforce (02:36)

Lilla Garcia-Brower monitors janitor working conditions. Employers need to ensure supervisors follow directives and employee safety education. SMS Human Resources Senior VP Bill Stejskal discusses the company's sexual harassment policies.

Leticia Zuniga (03:19)

Zuniga shares her experience of sexual abuse while working for SMS.

Sexual Violence Aftermath (02:28)

Abraham Quevedo, Zuniga's husband, discusses the changes in her behavior. He confronted Zuniga's abuser. Zuniga quit SMS, reported the abuse to police several months later, and filed a lawsuit against SMS.

Lawsuit against SMS (03:00)

Stejskal discusses his reaction upon learning about the Zuniga case and investigating the accusations. See a portion of Marco Gonzalez's deposition, denying the allegations. Gonzalez secretly recorded conversations with employees about Zuniga.

SMS Investigation (02:05)

In a deposition, SMS' head of investigations acknowledges asking Gonzalez to gather witness statements. Gonzalez changes his version of events several times. A search of Gonzalez's internet history on his work computer reveals violent pornography.

Civil against Gonzalez (03:06)

Karla Perez shares her experience of sexual abuse while working for SMS. Lowell Bergman questions Stejsckal about Perez's complaint with the police, the history of violent pornography on Gonzalez's work computer, Gonzalez's changing story, and incomplete internal SMS investigations of sexual harassment complaints.

Criminal Case against Gonzalez (03:18)

Zuniga's case settled in 2012; SMS did not admit to any wrongdoing. The county attorney chose not to prosecute Gonzalez on criminal charges. Sen. Kirsten Gillebrand discusses the percentage of rape case prosecutions; she supports new laws strengthening rape investigations.

Criminal Culture? (02:17)

Garcia-Brower states that the U.S. has a significant amount of illegitimate janitorial companies. The Maintenance Cooperation Trust Fund investigates janitorial industry violations; 50% of the companies are underground.

Human Trafficking (04:43)

Frontline speaks with janitorial workers who were trafficked and sexually assaulted. Oksana worked for the Botsvynyuk Brothers to pay off her debt. FBI agent Ned Conway investigated the case against the traffickers. A study reveals that 40% of undocumented janitors surveyed were trafficked.

Victim Updates (03:54)

Magaña received a settlement; she remains a night shift janitor. Morales raises awareness of sexual harassment on a radio show. Zuniga tries to heal emotionally; she remains a janitor. See additional resources.

Credits: Rape on the Night Shift (01:57)

Credits: Rape on the Night Shift

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Rape on the Night Shift

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An investigation into the sexual abuse of undocumented women in the service industry. The film examines allegations of abuse across the janitorial industry, and how the government, law enforcement and companies fall short in dealing with the problem. Distributed by PBS Distribution.

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