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Public Shooting (02:31)


In January 2011, Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and 19 others are shot in a shopping center; six people die.

Power of the NRA (02:57)

The public responds to the shopping mall shooting and calls for the federal government to act on gun laws. President Barack Obama addresses the people of Arizona, but does not discuss guns.

Columbine School Shooting (02:52)

During the Columbine High School shooting, 13 are killed and 23 are wounded. Tom Mauser discusses waiting overnight to find out if his son was dead or alive.

Gun Show Loophole (01:50)

Police gather evidence, including home videos of the gunmen and their weapons. Columbine brings to the surface the gun show loophole issue. Protesters march in Denver demanding change and targeting the NRA.

Gun: Symbol of Freedom (02:47)

During the NRA's national convention, top executives discuss how to respond to the Columbine shooting. With Charlton Heston tapping on a fundamental fear of government restrictions, hundreds of thousands of new members sign up for the NRA.

Transformative Period (02:17)

In the 1960s, the NRA was an organization focused on teaching people how to safely use firearms. After many assassinations of public figures, American cities erupt in armed conflict. In response, Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Gun Control Act of 1968.

Clinton's Crack-Down (03:45)

The core of the NRA's political support comes from a conservative Republican group. After President Reagan and James Brady are shot, Brady goes on to establish a powerful gun control group. President Bill Clinton enforces an anti-crime initiative.

LaPierre's Letter (03:48)

A bill to close the gun show loophole moves to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. Here the NRA takes a stand, led by Wayne LaPierre.

Gun Control Politics (02:31)

In the spring of 1999, LaPierre counter-attacks by sounding the alarm to NRA members. The White House is 22 votes short of enacting the gun show loophole bill.

Aggressive Political Campaign (04:36)

A year after Columbine, Heston announces the NRA's participation in the presidential election. The NRA spends $20 million; Al Gore is defeated.

Sandy Hook Shooting (03:38)

On December 14, 2012, 20 children and six adults are killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Parents of slain children reflect on the events of that day.

President Obama's Address (03:58)

Obama hands the job of gun control politics over to Vice President Joe Biden. LaPierre holds a press conference and suggests the answer to this violence is more guns.

Sandy Hook Promise (03:20)

In Newtown, a political movement is forming. Gun control advocate, Matthew Bennett, informs families of the resistance they will face.

Gun Safety Legislation (03:48)

At the White House, Biden's task force debates how to respond. Senator Joe Manchin, a democrat with an A-rating from the NRA, drafts a bill to require background checks at gun shows.

NRA Fights Back (02:45)

Larry Pratt warns his members about the NRA's talks on a compromise with Senator Manchin. In the middle of April, the NRA pulls out of the talks. LaPierre launches an assault of the legislation.

Voting on the BIll (03:43)

Manchin's bill does not pass. Pat Maisch, survivor of the Tuscon shooting, shames the senate.

Credits: Gunned Down (02:29)

Credits: Gunned Down

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FRONTLINE investigates how the NRA uses its unrivaled political power to stop gun regulation in America. With first-hand accounts of school killings in Newtown and Columbine, and the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, Gunned Down examines why despite the national trauma over gun violence Washington hasn't acted. Distributed by PBS Distribution

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