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Heroin: Cape Cod, USA: Introduction (01:59)


A woman describes "chasing the high." Police respond to an overdose call. Mexican drug cartels push cheap and potent heroin into the drug market.

Cape Code, MA (02:03)

See two women inject themselves with drugs. Residents discuss drugs in the city.

Early Drug Use (03:20)

Marissa, Daniel, Arianna, Jessica, Benjamin, and Cassie started taking drugs in their early teens; Ryan was exposed to drugs at parties. Vicodin and oxycodone are popular pain medications. A pharmacist says there is severe over prescribing.

Opiate Addiction (02:24)

Arianna and Ryan describe what it is like taking oxycodone. Users describe doing whatever it took to earn drug money— stealing, pawning, prostituting. Prescription opioid uses costs society $55 billion a year.

Benjamin's Story (02:58)

Benjamin discusses his progression of drug use. He lives in a sober house in Cape Cod and has been clean for 33 days. A week after filming, Benjamin relapsed and disappeared.

Arianna's Story (03:41)

Marissa's mother was unaware of her drug habit. Arianna has been clean for three years. A month after filming, Arianna relapsed; she died from a heroin overdose at the age of 23.

Narcotic Overdose (02:50)

Hyannis Fire and Rescue respond to an overdose call. Marissa was never scared of drugs, even after overdosing. Chief of Emergency Medicine, Craig Cornwall discusses the effects of IV heroin overdose; Narcan can reverse a heroin overdose if administered in time.

Getting High to Numb Feelings (05:04)

Colie, Jess, Daniel, and Shan discuss getting high on DXM and dealing with the consequences of drug abuse. A woman shoots up in the bathroom. Shan thinks she should have died instead of her boyfriend.

Daniel's Story (06:40)

Daniel and Danielle repeatedly inject heroin. Daniel discusses his childhood and reflects on his inability to stay clean.

Parents Supporting Parents (03:53)

Parents share their experiences with their children's drug use. Ryan started using drugs after he was in a motorcycle accident; he gets high in his bedroom.

Drug Abuse Support Group (04:16)

Parents discuss their children's drug use and enabling their habits; heroin is the most common drug in Cape Cod. Ryan sells drugs to support his habit; he hates using drugs. Marissa discusses her drug deliveries.

Jessica's Story (03:49)

Jessica injects heroin in her arm. She discusses the start of her drug habit after she was hit by a drunk driver.

Benjamin Resurfaces (02:55)

Marissa recalls getting angry at a nurse after she overdosed. Benjamin discusses overdosing at his mother's house and how boring his life is.

Drug Deal (03:50)

Ryan discusses drug dealing in Cape Cod; he makes a deal over the phone. Ryan believes his parents are enabling his drug activities.

Narcotics Use (02:00)

Nicole gets high with Ryan; Ryan reflects how opiates make you feel. Ryan uses a mix of drugs to avoid using heroin.

Going to Detox (04:55)

Marissa says drug users do not have real friends. Colie purchases drugs from Daniel and gets high before entering detox; she argues with Shan.

Drug Run (03:26)

Colie enters detox; Marissa says few of her friends have successfully stayed clean. Daniel drives 160 miles a day to see his supplier; Cassie runs with him.

Supporting a Habit (04:48)

Daniel gets a phone call about someone who is "dope sick." At home, he and Cassie get high. Cassie does not see the value in getting clean. A mother shares her feelings of obligation.

Is Marissa Ready for Recovery? (04:30)

Marissa lost her self-respect to maintain her habit; she wants to get clean. Marissa died from a heroin overdose at the age of 23.

Participant Update (03:48)

Jessica continues to use heroin. Ryan says he is "clean his way." Benjamin disappeared. Daniel was clean for three weeks before relapsing; Cassie is trying to stay clean. A year after detox, Coli is still clean.

Credits: Heroin: Cape Cod, USA (01:55)

Credits: Heroin: Cape Cod, USA

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Twenty years after his groundbreaking Emmy®-nominated film Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street, which chronicled three years in the lives of five young heroin addicts in San Francisco’s Tenderloin, Academy Award®- winning filmmaker Steven Okazaki turns his focus to America’s current opiate-addiction crisis with Heroin: Cape Cod, USA. This 76-minute film takes an unsparing look at the lives of several young people in their early 20s gripped by heroin addiction, living a seemingly endless existence of getting high while cycling through stages of rehab, recovery and relapse. The film also chronicles the impact of the crisis on the community of Cape Cod, a picturesque summer destination known for its quaint villages, lighthouses and beaches – but with an epidemic of young people addicted to cheap, easily-acquired heroin, whose addictions are often the result of being prescribed opiate pain medication after an accident or surgery. Following several subjects who talk candidly about their heroin habits, as well as parents struggling to understand how their children got to this point, Heroin: Cape Cod, USA is an unflinching examination of the heroin crisis in one New England community – where there are few answers and fewer happy endings. An HBO Production. 

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