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Animal CPR (02:26)


Chris, Megan, and Erin undergo CPR training, designed to be stressful. If an animal goes into cardiac arrest, they will have only seconds to bring it back to life.

Jade's Second Chance (02:29)

Jade retakes a portion of the fourth-year exam she failed. If she fails again, she must redo the entire fourth-year. Peter, who passed his exams, gets a taste of what his fifth-year will be like.

Mysterious Case (02:04)

Chris receives a mysterious case at the referral medicine department, Lana the Poodle. The challenging part is the inability for animals to communicate where they experience pain.

Emergency CPR (01:42)

In the main hospital, one of Erin's patients has gone into cardiac arrest. She loses the patient and learns an important lesson.

Desperate for an Answer (01:55)

The cause of Lana's lameness is still a mystery, but her owners want everything done to get an answer. An x-ray reveals Lana has masses that are eating away at her bones.

Orphaned Kangaroo (01:58)

At the Murdoch Emergency Center, Steff's first case is a baby kangaroo, orphaned after its mother was hit by a car.

Lana's Final Step (01:26)

Back in referral medicine, Lana's illness is still a mystery. Her cell samples were tested, but revealed nothing. They must operate, and take a biopsy for further investigation. Chris awaits the results.

Normal Impact (02:12)

The baby Kangaroo is healthy, but as Steff begins removing the catheter, her day takes a turn for the worse. As one dog collapses into a seizure, another is brought in having a cardiac arrest.

Emotional Investment (03:38)

The results of Lana's bone biopsy shows she has bone cancer and it is too advanced for treatment. Lana's owners take her home.

Steff Struggles (04:06)

In emergency, Steff takes on a three-year-old Great Dance, whose been admitted for excessive pain. The diagnosis is a gastric dilatation and volvulus, and surgery is the only way to save her life. Her owners have opted out of treatment.

Sub-Exam Results (01:40)

Jade receives the results of her fourth-year final exams. She passes and moves on to the status of Veterinarian in Training.

Credits: Vet School: Part 5 (00:39)

Credits: Vet School: Part 5

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Vet School: Part 5

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Veterinarian students at Murdoch University face the toughest year of their academic course. After four intense years of books, lectures, and theory, they will turn theory into practice. For the first time, students will be involved in all aspects of pet care; from critical operations to frontline emergency care, treating everything from farm births to severe animal trauma. In part five of this six-part series, Jade receives scores for the sub-exams, Chris must diagnose a mysterious case, and Steff endures one her toughest days on the job.   

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