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Experts' Views on the Writing Process (00:52)

Writers rarely put out good first drafts. Students need time to revise. This helps them grow developmentally and to produce a quality piece. The writing process is a thinking process.

Introduction to the Process Approach (03:00)


A strong writing foundation helps students find their voice and be able to articulate clearly. The process approach helps with fluency and is what real writers do. Students prefer to choose topics.

History of the Process Approach (02:35)

The traditional approach was to teach formulas for a final product. The process approach began at the 1966 Dartmouth Conference. The 1975 Bay Area Writing Project expanded the process approach.

Creating a Writing Culture in the Classroom (05:24)

The roles of the teacher include being a coach and fellow writer, building a positive and encouraging environment with lots of praise, providing time for writing and space for writing resources.

Role of Reading in the Writing Process (03:07)

Students need to read professional writing as models. Good writers borrow ideas from what they read. Reading helps to develop grammar, mechanics, and literary devices for writing.

Pre-Writing (05:54)

Pre-writing is the period to generate ideas through various brainstorming methods. Students should write in all genres. Students model their writing after their favorite authors.

Drafting (08:26)

Drafting is the writer's first attempt at getting language onto paper. Drafting is discovery and can produce new ideas or result in a dead-end. Peer response groups are important in this stage.

Revising and Post-Writing (05:42)

Revision is a "re-seeing" of a piece. Reading a piece out loud and looking at the piece as a whole is part of revision. The post-writing phase deals with editing and proofreading for publication.

Presenting (05:06)

Students take their writing more seriously when there is an audience. Writing is a form of self-expression. Presenting techniques include class anthologies and bulletin board displays.

Teaching Writing: The Bottom Line (01:53)

This review highlights all the stages of the process approach. These include the key elements in creating a writing culture, the role of reading, pre-writing, drafting, revising, and presenting.

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This program explores the process approach to writing instruction, asserting that the act of writing is more than simply the completion of a product; it is a complex, creative, and unpredictable progression of ideas and strategies. With commentary from veteran writing instructors—including Dr. Lois Matz Rosen, author of Within and Beyond the Writing Process in the Secondary English Classroom, and Michael Steinberg, author of The Writer’s Way: A Process Approach to Writing—the program outlines specific group activities for each step in the process: invention, drafting, sharing work in progress, revising, and editing. Lively footage from high school and college classrooms shows instructors circulating among groups of highly engaged students, offering advice and suggestions through formative rather than summative evaluation. A stylish, inspiring guide to an effective and thoroughly tested teaching method, Teaching Writing provides vital preparation for any composition, journalism, or creative writing instructor. Recommended for teachers of grades 6–10. Correlates to English Language Arts standards and Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) Information. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide and other educational resources are available online. A Cambridge Educational Production. (44 minutes)

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