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What is Composition and Improvisation? (03:16)


Composition creates structure in music, while improvisation leaves freedom to individualize within a song. See a performance from the band "Rusted Root." Musicians of north Indian classical music use some composed systems, like a raga.

Importance of the Score in Contemporary Western Art Music (03:41)

Stephen Leek is an Australian composer who writes detailed music with room for improvisation. He describes his approach to composition.

Improvization in Traditional Jazz (04:28)

Jazz songs require improvisation within the harmonic sequence. Each song begins with a pre-written portion which indicates the melody, and then moves into improvisation.

Improvisation in Arabic Classical Music: Taqasim (03:10)

Classical Arabic music genres include composed repertoire and improvisation. Improvised music is melodic and consists of maqam. Taqasim means improvisation in Arabic.

Music Composition in Contemporary Western Art Music: Process and Inspiration (03:43)

Gerald Shapiro composes at his piano with a pencil and at his computer with a synthesizer. He believes that his work is one long, connected piece.

Composition as a Group Process: Rock and Roll (04:52)

See a performance from the band "Rusted Root." Michael Glabicki composes alone with his acoustic guitar before bringing his work to the band for collaboration.

Credits: Composers and Improvisers—Exploring the World of Music (00:59)

Credits: Composers and Improvisers—Exploring the World of Music

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Composers and Improvisers—Exploring the World of Music

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How are a composer and an improvisor alike? How are they different? The marriage between fixed elements and new variation is examined in American rock, Indian raga, classical and contemporary Western music, jazz, and Arabic classical music.

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