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Biopsychosocial Model (02:28)


Zimbardo describes the new approach of linking the activities of the mind and those of the body. This focuses on treating the whole person in his or her social context, a practice found in Native American culture.

Mechanisms of the Immune System (03:51)

Learn the four ways psychology and medical problems are related. Rodin and Langer discovered how subtle psychological factors can bring about physiological changes.

Human Fertility (02:56)

Learn about the different defenses of the body against bacteria and viruses. Rodin discusses the ways the brain influences the immune system, and explains how this translated to her work in infertility.

Biofeedback (03:13)

Watch as Zimbardo attempts to control his heart rate by focusing his mind on his body. Miller uses a basketball analogy to stress the importance of knowing results.

Stress: Classic Disease of Civilization (02:21)

Stress is defined as the pattern of responses an organism makes to events that disturb its equilibrium, tax its ability to cope or exceed its ability to cope. Change is the most significant source of stress.

General Adaptation Syndrome (02:05)

As stress accumulates, the chance of getting seriously ill increases. Seyle conducted the earliest studies on stress. Watch a film that illustrates his theory of the general adaptation syndrome.

Cognitive Appraisal (07:19)

What is upsetting to one person may be challenging and stimulating to someone else. Today, the major cause of death is lifestyle. Zimbardo analyzes AIDS through the mind-body framework.

Credits: Health, Mind, and Behavior—Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition (00:30)

Credits: Health, Mind, and Behavior—Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition

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Health, Mind, and Behavior—Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition

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This program presents a rethinking of the relationship between mind and body. A new bio-psychosocial model is replacing the traditional biomedical model. With Dr. Judith Rodin of the University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Neal Miller of Yale University. Updated.

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