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Biomedical Therapy (04:34)


Philip Zimbardo discusses professional treatment for mental illness. Mental illnesses vary in kind and severity. Experts discuss biomedical therapy and prefrontal lobotomy.

Drug Therapy (02:01)

Zimbardo examines popular drugs used to treat various mental disorders. Drug therapy suppresses symptoms and creates the capacity for psychotherapy.

Genetic Counseling (01:16)

Some mental disorders are linked to genetic inheritance. Researchers identified a defective chromosome linked to a form of depression.

Psychodynamic Therapy (06:43)

Psychodynamic therapists see behavior as driven or motivated by powerful inner forces. Therapists seek to help patients recognize these motivations to change them.

Behavior Modification Therapy (02:15)

For behavior therapists, the goal is to modify problem behaviors by applying the principles of conditioning and reinforcement. See a young boy work on his fear of the dentist.

Cognitive Therapy (03:20)

Cognitive therapists teach their clients how to recognize and change unreasonable attitudes, false beliefs, and expectations of failure. See one of Albert Ellis' therapy sessions.

Humanistic Therapy (02:17)

Rollo May focuses on the normal person seeking greater fulfillment and sees the role of the therapist as facilitating discovery. See a group therapy simulation.

Selecting a Treatment (02:23)

Enrico Jones investigates what kind of treatment might be most effective for specific disorders. Jones discusses the complexity of this research.

Credits: Psychotherapy—Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition (00:60)

Credits: Psychotherapy—Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition

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Psychotherapy—Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition

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This program surveys the relationships among theory, research, and practice, and how treatment of psychological disorders has been influenced by historical, cultural, and social forces. With Dr. Hans Strupp of Vanderbilt University and the late Dr. Rollo May.

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