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Gender Roles (03:06)


Zimbardo explains the significance of sex categorization as early as the first 24 hours after birth. Gender is learned rather than innate.

Psychologically Androgynous (04:11)

Zimbardo characterizes feminine and masculine gender roles. Bem argues that a blend of femininity and masculinity results in greater behavioral adaptiveness.

Behavioral Differences (02:40)

Zimbardo examines the physical health differences in men and women. Some sex differences are learned over time and influenced by learned gender roles.

Gendered Social Contexts (04:48)

Zimbardo analyzes how gender differences are learned in social contexts. Block examines the different treatment of boys and girls.

Social Pressure (06:56)

Zimbardo discusses the positive and negative consequences of learned sex differences. Children are actively involved in shaping their own understanding of gender.

Gender: More Similar Than Different (03:10)

Zimbardo suggests that women and men are more similar than they are different in almost all their psychological traits and abilities. Gender is an important way to socially categorize people.

Credits: Sex and Gender—Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition (00:60)

Credits: Sex and Gender—Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition

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Sex and Gender—Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition

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This program explores the ways in which males and females are similar and different, and how gender roles reflect social values and psychological knowledge. With Dr. Michael Meaney of McGill University and Dr. Eleanor Maccoby of Stanford University.

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