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Cognitive Illusion (02:18)


People lapse into irrationality when influenced by a crowd or driven by primitive needs that demand immediate gratification. Philip Zimbardo discusses biased mental strategies.

Decision Making (04:03)

Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman study how and why people make illogical choices. Learn why everyday thinking departs from normative rules of rationality.

Inferences from Evidence (04:04)

Kahneman explains reasoning by representativeness or similarity. Tversky adds that this process violates a basic principle of logic. Learn about the anchoring phenomenon.

Risky Choices (02:36)

Zimbardo proposes a gambling question assessing risk taking strategies. Tversky suggests that accepting a dead loss is unthinkable for people. Kahneman cautions from trusting intuition.

Groupthink: Self-Censorship of Doubts (03:24)

Zimbardo examines psychological factors that affect judgment. Irvin Janis discovered examples of distorted reasoning in the records of cabinet meetings in which the decision to invade Cuba was made.

Psychology of Negotiation (03:05)

Max Bazerman identifies the five most common mistakes that negotiators make. See an exercise in negotiation role play as Bazerman advises on proper techniques.

Cognitive Dissonance Theory (05:23)

The act of making a decision can trigger a flood of other processes. Leon Festinger conducts a classic experiment on cognitive dissonance.

Credits: Judgement and Decision Making—Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition (00:60)

Credits: Judgement and Decision Making—Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition

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Judgement and Decision Making—Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition

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Exceedingly complex processes are involved in the making of judgements and decisions. This program examines how and why people make good and bad judgements, and the psychology of taking risks. Featured are Dr. Daniel Kahneman of Princeton University and the late Dr. Irving Janis of Yale University.

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