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Word Processing: When Am I Ever Going to Use This?: Introduction (01:31)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of word processing. This program is divided into to parts: What is Word Processing, and Word Processing in the Real World.

What is Word Processing? (03:43)

Hear a brief history of word processing. Today, viewers use tools such as Pages, Microsoft Word, and Google docs to create documents.

Word Processing in Action (01:08)

Watch a brief tutorial on the features in Google Docs.

Word Processing in the Real World (02:28)

Tom M. explains how he uses word processing in his landscaping business. Dan A. describes how it helps in his career as a musician. As a stay-at-home mom, April E. uses word processing to create mail merge for invitations to her daughter's wedding.

Word Processing Software Applications (02:25)

Presentation is everything in today's world. Learn different tools that can help improve design and page layout of your document. Using different formatting features on your cover letters, resumes, newsletters, memos, and reports will catch the eye.

Review (01:51)

Microsoft Word offers availability, flexibility, and integration. Hear a summary about word processing.

Credits: Word Processing: When Am I Ever Going to Use This? (00:15)

Credits: Word Processing: When Am I Ever Going to Use This?

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Word Processing: When Am I Ever Going to Use This?  

Part of the Series : When Am I Ever Going to Use This?
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In this video, students get a first-hand look at popular word processing applications like Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Students learn the history of word processing, the different programs that are available in today's market, and their many practical uses (business letters, memos, tables, reports, resumes, etc.). Students and working professionals demonstrate the many uses of word processing in their career, school, and social lives. 

Length: 15 minutes

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