Segments in this Video

Let's Get Started (01:26)


Learn what it means to be an entrepreneur. While 80 percent of citizens dream of opening their own business, only four percent try.

What is Entrepreneurship? (04:14)

Learn why entrepreneurs are important and hear some examples of successful businessmen. Isabelle H. describes her dream of opening her own salon and explains why she took a business class to achieve success.

What is an Entrepreneur? (04:37)

Learn about different types of entrepreneurs and hear an example of each. Marcus E. describes how he created his own graphic design business.

The Business Plan (01:31)

Learn what a business plan is and why it is important

Why a Business Plan? (03:11)

A business plan analyzes the business, targets the audience, sets goals to achieve, and identifies potential weaknesses in a prospective endeavor. Students learn why investors are necessary and what they may ask for in addition to a return of capital.

Parts of Business Plan (03:13)

Learn the sections of a business plan and what should be included in each portion.

Protecting Your Business Ideas (01:19)

Learn how to safeguard and legally copyright your ideas.

Pros & Cons (01:15)

Learn why knowing entrepreneurial skills are important. Compare the risks and rewards of owning your own business.

Recap (00:57)

Working professionals describe steps to become an entrepreneur and list the rewards of this career path.

Credits: Entrepreneurship: When am I Ever Going to Use This? (00:08)

Credits: Entrepreneurship: When am I Ever Going to Use This?

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Entrepreneurship: When Am I Ever Going to Use This?  

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This video explores entrepreneurship: what it is, the skillset required, and the risks and rewards of owning your own business. Viewers recieve a first-hand look at how entrepreneurs transform the seed of an idea into a reality. Students learn why a business plan is important, what it should address, and how to copyright a business model.  

Length: 25 minutes

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