Segments in this Video

What is Digital Publishing? (01:37)


Digital publishing combines text and graphics in a document; see examples. Titus B. describes how he redesigned packaging for his company's bestselling product using digital publishing; he received a raise and promotion.

What is Digital Publishing? (02:16)

Adobe InDesign, includes all of the tools needed to create a poster. Matt F. describes the versatility of digital publishing and how it elevated his career and hobbies.

The Elements & Tools of Digital Publishing Software (02:33)

Learn the basic elements of digital publishing programs: page layout, workspace area, and page setup. Students can emphasize designs using tools and features in a software program.

Digital Publishing in the Real World (01:55)

Marcus E. started a graphic design business creating splash screens and mobile applications. Digital publishing is important for personal and career use. Matt F. describes how knowledge of digital publishing can translate to other programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, or Aftereffects.

A Look at Adobe InDesign (02:35)

See a demonstration of Adobe InDesign. Digital publishing can help you save money and increase productivity.

Careers in Digital Publishing (00:52)

Learn different employment opportunities in the digital publishing field. Learning skills now allows for greater practice and can help you earn more money.

Document Makeovers (01:15)

See examples of how digital publishing improves documents.

Digital Publishing Tips & Techniques (02:56)

Strategies for improving your document include: knowing your audience, knowing your message, starting with a sketch, picking fonts that are easy to read, remembering less is more, dressing your document for success, complementing your colors, revising your document, using consistency in graphic elements, and proofreading your document carefully.

Recap (00:54)

Digital publishing enhances communication, clarifies salient points, and makes documents interesting. Know your audience and your message.

Credits: Digital Publishing: When Am I Ever Going to Use This? (00:17)

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Digital Publishing: When Am I Ever Going to Use This?  

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In this video, students will learn the value of digital publishing and how these skills are applied in the workplace, the classroom, and personal use. Learn why digital publishing improves documents and how to use programs like Adobe InDesign. Working professionals and students demonstrate the use of digital publishing in their jobs and school careers, including billboards and eNewsletters. 

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