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The Cyber World (01:40)


The Internet connects everyone together and is an excellent tool for learning, but it can be dangerous. Over 1.5 billion people surf the Internet, and 83 percent use it to purchase goods.

Being a Cyber Citizen (01:17)

Learn about potential threats in the cyber world and how common sense can keep you safe. Listen to the topics that will be covered during in this program.

Identity Theft (04:04)

Learn how to protect yourself against identity theft, what types of information cyber thieves seek, and how to select a good password.

Social Networking (05:08)

Remember that a potential university or employer will check your social media to learn about you. Learn strategies to protect your identity and to act responsibly when writing a blog.

Cyberbullying (01:44)

Forty percent of all teens have been cyberbullied— learn its definition, where it commonly occurs and examples. Listen to strategies to avoid being cyberbullied.

Spam! And E-mail Safety (01:47)

Learn about spam and how to protect yourself. Rennie S. and Officer Tom provide strategies on dealing with spam.

E-mail & Texting Ettiquette (00:41)

Listen to tricks to assure your email will be received favorably. Remember once you send an email, there is no taking it back, so double check everything.

Internet Ethics (01:47)

Common sense and decency should apply to the internet—remember your cyber manners. Learn actions to avoid in the cyber world.

Review (01:11)

Listen to a recap of strategies learned during this episode to keep safe. Officer Tom emphasizes reporting any threats you receive.

Credits: Cyber Literacy: When am I Ever Going to Use This? (00:07)

Credits: Cyber Literacy: When am I Ever Going to Use This?

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Cyber Literacy: When Am I Ever Going to Use This?  

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In this video, students will learn important strategies for staying safe and using the internet responsibly. Topics include: spam, internet etiquette, cyberbullying, social networking, cyber manners, plagiarism, illegal music downloading, and identity theft.  

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