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Partisans and Partners (07:53)


Listen to a description of the Campaign Finance Reform Bill, and learn about those who supported it. Matt Keller discusses Teddy Roosevelt's work on this issue. In April 2002, President Bush signed the bill.

Constituents v. Conscience (08:20)

Oregon voters support "death with dignity." Despite his opposition, Senator Ron Wyden fought Congresses' move to block the new law.

The People's Representative (07:41)

Wayne Gilchrest discusses the role of the average member of Congress. Chief of Staff Tony Caligiuri describes the large, 17-person staff that assists the congressman. Gilchrest gives advice to those who want to run for office.

Final Thoughts (01:32)

Host Renee Poussaint says that the debate and often "un-appetizing" aspects of politics are the most important aspects of a democratic society. She notes that diverging opinions is an example of democracy in action.

Credits: Legislatures: Laying Down the Law—Democracy in America (00:59)

Credits: Legislatures: Laying Down the Law—Democracy in America

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Legislatures: Laying Down the Law—Democracy in America

Part of the Series : Democracy in America
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This program explores the idea that legislatures, although contentious bodies, are institutions composed of men and women who make representative democracy work by reflecting and reconciling the wide diversity of views held by Americans.

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