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Defender of Those Who Defend the Earth: Introduction (02:06)


The Institute of Environmental Security sits opposite The Hague in the Netherlands. Femke Wijdekop fights to protect environmental activists and defenders.

Separation from Nature (05:17)

Wijdeko discusses the beginning of misuse of the Earth; it was heightened with the Industrial Revolution. She explains the direction of her career and rise of ecological consciousness.

Earth Guardians (04:26)

Polly Higgins promotes protecting the natural world through law. Wijdekop began organizing workshops to teach people about individual environmental responsibility.

Mass Destruction of the Environment (04:11)

Wijdekop talks about direct democracy in Europe and the End Ecocide Movement. She believes ecocide should be an international crime.

What is Ecocide in Law? (06:40)

The threshold in law for determining ecocide requires destruction occurring for over three months in a 700 mile territory with a negative impact on the ecosystem. This principle of legality allows for certainty in a court of law.

Ecocide on the Agenda (02:42)

A television producer followed Higgins' work in hopes of making ecocide an item on the national agenda. The show was well received.

Party for the Animals (02:49)

Wijdekop discusses the European political party which addresses environmental issues. The Minister of Foreign Affairs supports ecocide as law.

International Environmental Law (02:47)

Sweden, Austria, and the Netherlands are making motions in parliament for ecocide prohibition laws. Wijdekop explains the complex legal process.

Crimes against Humanity (03:18)

Ecocide was nearly on a list of worst crimes against humanity in the 1990's. Currently, ecocide caused by companies is not prohibited internationally.

World View (02:22)

Wijdekop describes ecocide thinking as a way of understanding the earth as intertwined with human life. She thinks that the disconnection of humans and nature skews world view and she endeavors to be part of the solution of pollution.

Urgenda Case (04:22)

Cameron and Wijdekop describe the Urgenda court case. Attorney Roger Cox quoted parts of an American case, uniting knowledge.

Political Process (03:43)

Wijdekop emphasizes studying examples of successful legal cases to give hope and reuse ideas. The legal process uses documents that were used in the founding of nations to support ecocide endeavors.

Defense of the Defenders (03:38)

Wijdekop talks about her work in the legal system protecting environmental defenders. They are in danger, especially in countries that have a lot of natural resources.

How to Defend the Defenders (04:08)

Wijdekop and Cameron discuss the atrocities faced by environmental defenders. Wijdekop explains ways they are protected, by NGOs such as Greenpeace.

Human Rights Defenders (04:17)

Wijdekop considers environmental activists to be human rights defenders. Framing the issues as human rights problems rather than environmental problems allows new ways to enforce the solving and protecting of such issues.

Forms of Activism (04:16)

Wijdekop compares her way of speaking out about the environmental to environmental defenders who risk their lives. She feels privileged to be safe and an activist.

Raising Awareness (03:27)

Wijdekop and Cameron discuss the necessity of awareness for environmental defenders and the lack of media coverage. Wijdekop gives examples of various ways individuals can affect environmental consciousness.

Emissions Case (03:26)

Wijdekop talks about Urgenda's court case concerning carbon dioxide emission. Despite the promises made, the Dutch state has not enforced its rules.

Duty of Care (05:14)

Wijdekop and Cameron talk about human rights and political freedom. The civil court has much of the responsibility in human rights. Wijdekop reflects on lawyers; they are a conservative demographic.

Review and Further Resources (00:33)

Cameron reviews Wijdekops activism and introduces future Green Interviews.

Credits: Defender of Those Who Defend the Earth: Femke Wijdekop (00:17)

Credits: Defender of Those Who Defend the Earth: Femke Wijdekop

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This episode of The Green Interview features Femke Wijdekop, a Dutch lawyer, broadcaster and researcher with the Institute for Environmental Security, an organization whose aim is to “advance global environmental security by promoting the maintenance of the regenerative capacity of life-supporting ecosystems.” In this exclusive Green Interview, Wijdekop discusses the concept of ecocide and the growing movement to have it brought within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. She also discusses her role in the ground-breaking Dutch Climate case and her passion to help protect Environmental Defenders, those who are risking their lives in order to protect the environment and their way of life.

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