Segments in this Video

Reconstructing Lilly's Mouth (02:01)


Dr. Jackson explains a restorative procedure for baby Lilly's mouth. Dr. Hedrick marvels at Lesly's dedication to her infant.

Membrane Separation (05:53)

Shelly's ultrasound reveals a complication and is admitted into the hospital. Bobby settles into their new home.

Tracheostomy Care (04:40)

Dr. Hedrick explains the difficulties of caring for an infant's tracheostomy. Lesly takes baby Lilly home for the first time in 4 months since her birth.

Meet Geneva & Reggie (08:50)

A couple learn that their baby has a urinary tract obstruction. Geneva goes through the fetal surgery evaluation process. Dr. Johnson describes the procedure to correct the obstruction.

Delivery Day (03:22)

Dr. Moldenhauer delivers Shelly and Bobby's baby. Dr. Adzick discusses the process of identifying normal motor functions in a newborn.

Life at Home (03:55)

Lesly describes caring for Lilly at home. The next step is scheduling plastic surgery to close her mouth.

Reconstructive Surgery (09:59)

Dr. Jackson uses the right side of Lilly's mouth to reconstruct the left side where the tumor was removed. Dr. Javi gives Lesly an update on Lilly's tracheostomy.

Returning Home (10:30)

Dr. Adzick describes his fast-paced work life and competitive nature. Bobby and Shelly return home with their new infant, but concerns are still high. Dr. Warf discusses treatment options for hydrocephalus.

Life After Fetal Surgery (04:03)

Dr. Hedrick's daughter speaks at the launch of a hospital center specializing in her condition. Listen to the concluding comments of both parents and doctors.

Credits: Twice Born: Part 3—Stories from the Special Delivery Unit (00:36)

Credits: Twice Born: Part 3—Stories from the Special Delivery Unit

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Twice Born: Part 3—Stories from the Special Delivery Unit

Part of the Series : Twice Born: Stories from the Special Delivery Unit
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This three-part miniseries steps inside the groundbreaking medical frontier of fetal surgery with an intimate look at the Special Delivery Unit at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. With exclusive access to this elite unit, the film captures rarely-seen, real-time footage of fetal operations. Meet expecting parents as they face difficult decisions. Should they take a leap of faith to repair birth defects with prenatal surgery, even if it means they might lose their child? Distributed by PBS Distribution

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