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Meet the Doctors (02:54)


Meet the doctors who perform fetal surgery at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Soon to be parents recall their reactions to learning that their unborn children have complications.

Meet Shelly and Bobby (05:39)

A couple learns their unborn child has a severe case of spina bifida. Dr. Adzick explains the importance of mitigating unrealistic expectations. Shelly undergoes a 2-day evaluation process.

Risk Assessment (02:59)

Dr. Adzick explains the benefits of fetal surgery for candidates with spina bifida. Watch a fetal lung lesion removal. Dr. Moldenhauer explains risks associated with fetal surgery.

Meet Lesly (04:04)

A young pregnant woman learns her unborn child has a tumor growing from her mouth. Dr. Khalek explains the issues associated with teratomas.

Exit Procedure Process (02:20)

Dr. Hedrick defines an exit procedure as Lesly receives a final ultrasound before surgery. Dr. Henrick juggles work and home life.

Surgical Diagnosis of Treatment (06:33)

Dr. Adzick discusses possible damage associated with the spinal lesion depending on its location. Listen in on the medical team's assessment of Shelly's baby.

Consenting Process (03:35)

Dr. Hedrick gathers the surgical team to review protocol of the exit procedure. Lesly is informed of possible dangers and consents to the surgery.

Dr. Holly Hedrick (06:18)

Follow Dr. Hedrick in her morning routine. Learn about a genetic disorder her own daughter suffers from and how it affects her practice.

Preparing for Surgery (04:51)

Lesly describes her life prior to her pregnancy. The surgical team prepares Lesly as she discusses her feeling about the process.

Not a Candidate for Surgery (05:35)

Dr. Moldenhauer talks about the process of giving parents life altering information. Shelly and Bobby learn that their child may never walk on her own.

Fetal Surgery (08:02)

Dr. Hedrick and Dr. Khalek perform fetal surgery on a baby with a tumor growing in her mouth.

Credits: Twice Born: Part 1—Stories from the Special Delivery Unit (00:36)

Credits: Twice Born: Part 1—Stories from the Special Delivery Unit

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Twice Born: Part 1—Stories from the Special Delivery Unit

Part of the Series : Twice Born: Stories from the Special Delivery Unit
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This three-part miniseries steps inside the groundbreaking medical frontier of fetal surgery with an intimate look at the Special Delivery Unit at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. With exclusive access to this elite unit, this film captures rarely-seen, real-time footage of fetal operations. Meet expecting parents as they face difficult decisions. Should they take a leap of faith to repair birth defects with prenatal surgery, even if it means they might lose their child? Distributed by PBS Distribution

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