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Latin Fiddle (04:10)


George Mariner Maull introduces violinist Dave Rimelis, who demonstrates a Montuno—a short, repetitive chord progression—on "La Bamba." The music is intentionally simple and meant for dancing.

Cajun Fiddle (05:57)

Maull discusses the French Acadian lineage of Cajun music. Rimelis demonstrates "sawing" and double string techniques in the two-step dance. Rimelis also demonstrates a triple meter waltz in "Mr. Octa's Waltz."

Celtic Fiddle (04:33)

Rimelis demonstrates ornaments and modality in Celtic music. He plays "The Swallow Tail" jig.

Blues Fiddle (05:39)

Rimelis demonstrates the pentatonic blues scale and discusses personalized emotions and lyrics. He plays "All Love's In Vain."

Old Time Fiddle (07:29)

Rimelis demonstrates the old time shuffle bowing pattern in "Boil Them Cabbage Down" and the syncopated Georgia shuffle technique. He plays "Cotton-Eye Joe."

Credits: Exploring Fiddle Styles (00:11)

Credits: Exploring Fiddle Styles

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Exploring Fiddle Styles

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In this Discovery Orchestra Chat hosted by George Marriner Maull, violinist Dave Rimelis demonstrates five fiddle styles: Latin, Cajun, Celtic, Blues and Old Time. Maestro Maull and Dave point out the musical details that makes each style unique.

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