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TB: Return of the Plague: Introduction (01:21)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of tuberculosis; TB is the second leading cause of death in the world.

Compromised Immune Systems (04:43)

Swaziland has the highest rate of TB in the world; new variants are quickly evolving and starting to appear in Europe. Melusi and Nokubegha live alone after their mother died of TB; Nokubegha coughs during the night and has night sweats.

MDR-TB Diagnosis (03:46)

A nurse informs Melusi and Nokubegha that Nokubegha has a multi-drug resistant form of TB; she must live in an isolation hospital. MDR-TB emerged because those with ordinary TB were not taking all of their antibiotics. Hear worldwide statistics of MDR-TB.

Living with MDR-TB (02:42)

Bheki and his sister have MDR-TB. Bheki's ability to work is declining; he loves watching football. Zandile is in the hospital suffering from adverse side effects of the TB medication.

TB Treatment Response (04:03)

Bheki looks at photographs of Zandile. A doctor discusses Zandile's condition and decision to temporarily suspend treatment. Bheki struggles with medication side effects; fewer than half of all MDR patients successfully complete the treatment course.

National TB Hospital (03:51)

Nokubegha discusses life in the hospital, hospital food, and taking medications. Gcebile's TB mutated into MDR-TB. She describes the hospital as a prison.

Feelings of Loneliness (04:26)

Melusi struggles to cope with Nokubegha's quarantine. Nokubegha is the youngest patient at the TB hospital; Gcebile believes the hospital is a bad environment for Nokubegha. A doctor reflects on patient mental responses to treatment.

"Medication Cocktail" (03:14)

Bheki wants to stop taking his TB medications and confronts the doctor. The doctor changes the times of his medications but does not eliminate any.

Zandile's Condition Declines (03:32)

Zandile has difficulty hearing; her mother describes Zandile's mental status. Bheki visits Zandile in the hospital; he is depressed.

MDR-TB and Mental Health (02:15)

Zandile and Bheki's mother shares her feelings about MDR-TB. Zandile receives last rights. Bheki discusses thoughts of suicide.

Nokubegha's Relapse (03:52)

Nokubegha wants to leave the National TB Hospital, but she started vomiting again. Amikacin shots cause Nokubegha to hear strange noises. Nokubegha talks to Gcebile about her mother.

TB Complications (02:06)

Across for Nokubegha, a new patient is admitted with scrofula; she dies that same night. Nokubegha discusses seeing people die at the hospital; she is not afraid of death.

XDR-TB (02:19)

Gcebile's sputum tests remain TB positive; she fears her disease will mutate into extremely drug resistant TB. A doctor states that XDR is almost incurable.

Living in Isolation (04:25)

A patient contracted XDR-TB from her parents who died; she is not responding well to treatment. She discusses hearing loss and feelings of suicide.

Zandile's Funeral (05:12)

By the end of 2013, 92 countries documented cases of XDR-TB. Bheki digs a grave for Zandile and discusses his health; see portions of the funeral. Bheki's house caught fire while he was attending Zandile's funeral; his medication was destroyed.

Nokubegha and Gcebile's Progress (02:24)

Nokubegha's sputum tests are negative for TB; she lives with a church family and attends school. Gcebile is diagnosed with XDR-TB and must stay at the hospital.

Patient Updates (03:34)

Bheki, his mother, and Nokubegha share final thoughts on TB. A XDR-TB patient died six weeks after filming this video; anybody can get TB. Gcebile discharged herself from the hospital and lives alone at home.

Credits: TB: Return of the Plague (00:32)

Credits: TB: Return of the Plague

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The human stories behind the deadly infection tuberculosis (TB), a deadly airborne disease, are making a dramatic comeback in Swaziland. Passed on by a cough or sneeze, TB travels fast and multi-drug resistant variants are starting to appear all over the world. Multi-BAFTA winning filmmaker Jezza Neumann creates an intimate account of the crippling effects of MDR-TB, following victims from two families battling the disease over the course of a year. In deep rural Swaziland near the border of South Africa, Bheki and his sister have MDR-TB. As time passes Bheki's sister’s condition deteriorates and he starts to become increasingly depressed and suicidal. In Mbabane, 17-year-old Melusi cares for his 12-year-old sister Nokubegha after their mother's death. Nokubegha is diagnosed with the MDR Strain of TB and must be admitted to the hospital to receive daily medications.

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