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The Rococo was the art movement that followed the Baroque, and the common reaction to it today is to see it as a decline in seriousness: adescent into frippery, decoration and corruption. In 19th century Britain, before the term ‘Rococo’ achieved global usage, it was known as ‘the French style’, and looked down as a slide into mindless ornamentality and absurd foreign pretention. Art critis Waldemar Januszczak disagrees. As the follow-up to his award-winning series on the Baroque, Waldemar argues that the Rococo age was actually the age in which the modern world was born. Picking three key territories of Rococo achievement – Travel, Pleasure and Doubt – Waldemar celebrates the finest cultural achievements of the period and examine the drives and underlying meanings which make them so prescient.

Length: 180 minutes

Item#: BVL111607

ISBN: 978-1-68272-772-0

Copyright date: ©2010

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