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Digital Divide (01:38)


Technology skills are now essential to success in the workplace. All students need access to good technology training but do not always get it.

Changing Workforce (03:45)

Manufacturing jobs are fast disappearing in the increasingly digital, global job market. Schlage Key Company provides computer training to prepare workers for the future.

Travis Communications Academy (02:29)

At a gang-infested Texas high school, businesses partner with educators to provide computer training to students through the Travis Communications Academy.

Economic Divide (04:09)

At Silicon Valley's Monta Vista High School, students have ready access to technology, as opposed to students from low-income, inner city neighborhoods.

New Technology High (03:36)

Travis transfers to New Technology High School, choosing to leave old friends behind and gain technology training to better prepare for his future.

American Dream (03:50)

Kep, the son of Cambodian immigrants, attends New Technology High to pursue the "American Dream," a dream one must compete for.

Information Age Skills (05:04)

Students need technology, problem-solving, and people skills to survive today. Two high school graduates demonstrate these skills when they start up their own web design company.

High Tech Job Market (03:09)

New Technology High's goal is to graduate students ready for the high tech job market. Students need critical thinking skills, group process skills, and the ability to apply new knowledge.

School-to-Work (05:32)

Vice President Al Gore visits Monta Vista High School. Students serve in internships and other school-to-work programs that give them direct exposure to the modern workplace.

Technology Internships (02:52)

Louisa serves as a mentor to elementary students, but she falls behind in her own studies due to time demands. Another student teaches computer skills to low-income youth.

Community Technology Centers (05:38)

Community technology centers help bridge the digital divide by providing technology access to low-income and other under-served populations.

Passing the Real Test (04:28)

Louisa is hired by a design firm but has to prove she can use sophisticated design software. Ciedra waits to hear from colleges, and Travis needs a satisfactory evaluation of his senior project.

Success and Failure (05:30)

Kep is named Student of the Year. Travis passes his senior project, but cannot afford to go to college. Ciedra goes to Brown University, but Louisa does not graduate with her class.

Workplace Realities (02:23)

Schlage Lock Company closes its San Francisco plant and moves production elsewhere. Future generations will be affected if the digital divide grows worse instead of better.

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As America’s economy goes global and companies continue to adjust, what skills and education will tomorrow’s workforce need in order to prosper in the marketplace of the future? This program profiles the Travis Communications Academy, Silicon Valley’s Monta Vista High School, and the New Technology High School, "the school that business built"—schools that stress the value of critical thinking and teamwork as the building blocks of success. Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, the Assistant Secretary of Commerce, and others also discuss issues such as the school-to-work movement and universal Internet access. (57 minutes)

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