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Computing is Associated with Men (03:49)


Computing is not girl friendly either in the workplace or in the classroom. Because most people associate men with computers, girls may have less job prospects in the future.

Mothers Encourage Computer Skills (04:48)

Mothers are increasingly interested in encouraging their daughters to learn computer skills. Once girls overcome the initial fear of technology, they look forward to learning computer skills.

Girls are Disadvantaged Early (02:53)

Girls often show an aptitude for computers in grade school, but by middle school their interest wanes. Boys are encouraged early to play video games, which disadvantages girls from the start.

Achieving Equity in the Classroom (02:54)

There seems to be an imbalance in computer access between girls and boys in the classroom. Switching roles ensures that girls and boys practice all skills equally.

Middle School Boys Intimidate Girls (01:51)

Classroom relationships between boys and girls in middle school can be awkward. A minority of boys gets a majority of attention and intimidates the girls who are easily humiliated at that age.

Teachers are Part of the Problem (05:18)

Teachers' biased classroom behavior favoring boys over girls is below the level of conscious behavior. Teachers attend workshops to discuss strategies to change biased behavior.

Peer Pressure Influences Girls (03:46)

Peer pressure to conform in middle school has a very high cost in individuality and self-esteem for girls. Girls are focused on their changing bodies and perfect behavior to fit in.

"Tech Girls" Computer Club (04:39)

A teacher creates "Tech Girls," a club that engages girls in computer skills and helps break down the barriers in their heads to computing .

The Pros and Cons of Girls Clubs (02:47)

In "Tech Girls," girls feel supported and have a forum to express their ideas. What will happen when girls are confronted again with the boys? There are mixed reactions to all-girl clubs.

Computer Marketing for Girls (05:00)

Multimedia marketing targeting girls is a popular way to get girls interested in computers. "Barbie Fashion Designer" is a profitable programs and has created a new play paradigm.

Computer Games Content Dilemma (04:05)

Since expectations create realities, popular computer games are telling girls what they should be interested in. This doesn't apply to every girl, and a broader range of preferences is emerging.

The Internet Connection to Girls (06:00)

New Internet sites that connect girls socially in the world have allowed them to explore the Internet without boundaries and express themselves in their own voices.

A Question of Fairness in Computing (06:11)

The computing environment, products and attitudes need to change to encourage girls into computing. Girls must learn that computers can be used to meet their personal and professional goals.

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Fair Play: Achieving Gender Equity in the Digital Age

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How will America close the gender gap that exists in technology, to empower female students? Set at Fulmore Middle School in Austin, Texas, this program exposes counterproductive classroom behaviors and presents measures being taken to correct the misperception that computing is a males-only domain. The Director of the Center for Gender Equity, the author of SchoolGirls, the creators of and, and others scrutinize issues including equal computer access in the classroom, attitude barriers both in class and out, and efforts to develop software and Web sites that enfranchise female users rather than reinforce gender stereotypes. (57 minutes)

Length: 58 minutes

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"Focusing on boys and girls at the middle school level, the producers of this film expertly present the problems facing students and educators as schools across the United States are being ‘wired.’"—Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education

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