Segments in this Video

Is Technology Necessary? (02:00)


At the National Educational Computing Conference, commerce is in full swing as educators jump on the technology bandwagon. Where, however, is the evidence for this 100 billion dollar expenditure?

Technology Magnet School (03:59)

At a technology magnet school, low income students use computers regularly. One student learns how to multiply by playing a computer game called Number Munchers.

Technology: Worth the Investment? (03:42)

Does technology result in higher academic performance, and is it worth the investment? Some teachers question its use, especially for young children.

Computers and Development (04:11)

Douglas Goodkin is concerned about the effects of computer use on development. Young children need to move, sing, and dance, or physical and social development may be compromised.

Integrated Technology (05:11)

The best use of technology is not for drill or reward, but as an enhancement of existing curriculum, such as these project-based puppetry and painting lessons.

Science and Literacy (05:18)

At Sunnyside Elementary, a comprehensive technology program is in place to teach science, social studies, and literacy. Worldwide interactive lessons are highly motivating to students.

Convincing the Community (04:09)

Pullman, Washington, votes to fund school technology programs after educators demonstrate that technology is an effective learning tool for children.

Technology Training (04:03)

In order for teachers to use technology effectively, they must be trained. In Pullman, a full-time technology specialist helps teachers integrate computers and classroom curriculum.

Science Learning Network (07:29)

At the Levering School, the Science Learning Network focuses on teachers first as it helps them integrate technology into their classrooms.

Teacher Professionalism (03:06)

E-mail accounts and WebPages relieve the isolation many classroom teachers feel, while also expanding their sense of professionalism.

Unanswered Questions (04:27)

When classrooms use technology, what about Internet content? Technical problems? Online delays? Software effectiveness? Effect on reading? And a huge problem: Funding?

Funding for Technology (02:59)

Bryant Elementary's corporate sponsorships have ended, and they must raise $60,000 a year to keep technology going. At many schools, other needs go neglected so technology can expand.

Technology at What Expense? (04:16)

An art teacher decries the fact that art funding is cut every year, while technology funding expands. Technology integration should not be at the expense of other important programs, however.

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