Segments in this Video

Vincent's Morning Routine (01:47)


Vincent is 11 years old and lives in Ebenesee, Austria. Living on top of a mountain, he worries about his cat at night and hopes it does not get attacked.

You Only Live Once (03:49)

Vincent's family owns a ski resort; he describes the challenges they face when it doesn't snow. Wearing a beacon, he begins his journey skiing down a mountain known for avalanches.

Global Warming Future (02:02)

Vincent worries that climate change will impact his ability to run the ski resort when he grows up. He wants to share his same experiences with his children.

Carrying Her Ancestors (02:33)

Koolee lives in Winton, Australia and describes herself as an Aboriginal. Learning about her culture helps her to feel close to people of the past.

Dried Land (02:24)

Koolee looks for cats along her bike ride to school. She describes the challenges caused by drought. She talks about varying skin color of Aboriginal children.

Cricket with the Boys (02:45)

Koolee describes the benefits of living in a small community. She discusses the importance of a good breakfast. She knows she is not like most girls, because she likes to play football.

Alphonsine's Morning Routine (02:36)

Alphonsine N'Da lives in Amelekia, Ivory Coast. When she wakes up, she may spend up to 4 hours working before starting her trip to school. She speaks French and Agni.

Becoming a Hairdresser (02:15)

Alphonsine learned to carry things on her head when she was 8 years old. She likes going to church and taking communion. Sometimes her grandmother insults and hits her when she cannot work any longer.

Wishing For an Education (02:25)

Alphonsine describes the importance of friendship. When she arrives at school, her friends go to class while she gets to work. When her aunt arrives, she leaves to work at the cocoa plantation.

Children with Machetes (02:19)

Most of the children who work at the plantation are orphans or were kidnapped. Alphonsine knows cocoa is used to make chocolate, but has never tried it.

Luka Begins His Journey (02:31)

Luka Arnez is 8 years old and lives in the hills of Polhov Gradec in Slovenia. He has a 45-minute walk to school.

Nature Walk to School (02:00)

Luka describes rabbits, squirrels, and other creatures that he sees on his journey. His friends are very important to him.

Luka Wants To Be a Pilot (02:40)

Luka points out and describes damage done by an ice storm. He wants poor people to have enough food and water. He wants a nice cell phone.

Riding Through the City (02:07)

Finya is 12 years old and lives in Cologne, Germany. She has a 20-minute trip to school. She likes people-watching along the way.

Problems in School (02:07)

Finya describes challenges she faced at her previous school. She wanted to learn, but didn't like practicing her handwriting and eventually lost her interest in school.

Fear of War (03:57)

There are no classes or homework at Finya's new school. She likes riding her skateboard fast and sometimes races herself. She describes what she thinks education should look like.

Muddy Walk (02:43)

Lucila Nicoletti is 12 years old and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She describes the challenges of living in a delta. She walks to school with her older sister, but they don't spend as much time together as they used to.

Depending on the Ships (02:18)

Instead of taking a bus, Lucia takes boats to school with other students from her island. Her trip takes almost 2 hours.

Purpose in the World (02:45)

Finya hasn't seen her dad in 3 years. She describes how her island has changed, and that wealthy people have begun taking over the land. She is worried about war and countries with developed weapons.

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This film shows students what life is like for children around the world. Follow 11 and 12 year-olds on their journeys to school. Vincent lives on top of a mountain in Austria, and skis to school. Alphonsine lives on the Ivory Coast and works at a cocoa plant with other orphaned or kidnapped children. Instead of taking a bus, Lucila takes two ships to get to school from her island in Argentina. Students describe their morning routines, social lives, and concerns for the environment.

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