Segments in this Video

Getting Ready For School (02:45)


Twelve year old Perla Ros Arnadottir from southern Iceland describes her mornings before school. She listens to music with her sister, and they walk to school together.

Black Sand from Volcanos (02:51)

Perla describes what it is like living near an active volcano. Wind can spread toxic gasses through the country.

Natural resources (02:14)

There is no nuclear power where Perla lives, and she believes it is a dangerous method of generating energy. She would like the world to stop using gas, oil, and nuclear power and instead use wind and water. She believes that what children need most is someone who loves them.

Travelling to School (02:14)

Samson Karana lives in Kenya. He travels 4-5 kilometers to get to school. He wishes the roads were better, and has to take different routes depending on the weather.

Impacted By Terrorism (02:41)

Samson likes where he lives, but wishes there were more police in the country. He is afraid of terrorists and describes his response to the 2013 Westgate Shopping Mall attack.

Hoping to Help People (03:21)

Samson describes his personal belief in God and how his name gives him strength. He likes learning about different kinds of jobs at school. He wants to become a doctor.

Morning Chores (02:38)

Ignas is 12 years old and lives in Vilnius, Lithuania. He feeds his pets before school. He thinks robots are important for the future and wants to build machines that help people.

No Snow Before Christmas (02:18)

Ignas believes that his mother goes back to bed after he leaves for school. He loves his journey to school and takes different paths through the city depending on his mood. He is concerned about global warming and wonders if Lithuania will soon be as warm as Africa.

Meeting Up With Friends (03:44)

Ignas talks about the importance of education. He describes the history of Lithuania's independence from the Soviet Union. He discusses bullying and friendship.

Seeking Independence (03:22)

Valeria Rondon is twelve years old and lives in Cayma, Arequipa, Peru. She lives outside of town and likes being close to nature. She wants to walk to her bus alone, but her mom doesn't think it's safe.

Step By Step (02:41)

Valeria discusses climate change and the impact it has on the environment and people in her area. She describes the emotional toll that her parents' divorce had on her.

Dreams and Imagination (02:22)

Valeria goes to a private German school and is thankful for the privilege of a good education. She dislikes the financial hierarchy that dictates how nice of a school students can go to.

Scooting to School (03:25)

Viola is 11 years old and lives in Vienna, Austria. She meets up with friends on her way to school. She believes having friends at school helps her learn better.

Brother Problems (03:22)

Viola discusses her dislike for the amount of advertising in Vienna. She wishes she could help the homeless. She wishes she had a shorter trip to school so she could sleep longer.

Morning Preparations (02:23)

Te Rau Tawhiri is 11 years old and is from Christchurch, New Zealand. He describes what it is like to be part of the Ngai Tahu Tribe.

2011 Earthquake (02:48)

Te Rau likes living in Christchurch and describes the nature and people in his community. He discusses the concern he has about litter and its impact on Earth Mother, Sky Father, and life in general.

Positive Thinking (02:55)

Te Rau likes to play with his friends and learn at school. He is learning Maori, the first language of New Zealand.

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This film shows students what life is like for children around the world. Follow 11 and 12 year-olds on their journeys to school. Perla lives in Iceland near an active volcano, and sometimes has to wear a mask to school because of toxic gas or ash. Ignas from Lithuania loves his independence and tromping through the city. Valeria from Peru wishes her mom would let her walk to the bus alone. Some deal with bullying while others struggle with family separation. Students describe morning routines, social lives, and concerns for the environment.

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