Segments in this Video

Morning Routine (02:48)


In India, 12-year old Sanjana gets ready for school. She lives in Forbesgani's red light district, an area dangerous for women and girls. Her day starts at 6 A.M. when she wakes up to do chores. Her best friend is no longer allowed to go to school.

Dangerous Roads (03:28)

During her trip to school, Sanjana is afraid of falling in a pothole or being run over, but most of all she is afraid of the people she encounters. Her teachers sleep most of the time, and only teach for show when they are being observed by officials. She thanks Allah once she arrives at school.

Scenic Walk to School (02:51)

In Switzerland, 10-year old Enjo gets ready for school. His daily route takes him through Churfisten, and he marvels at the beauty of the mountain range.

Fear After Fukushima (04:27)

Enjo boards a small boat and then a shuttle to continue his journey to school. He describes his fear of nuclear power

Rocky Path to School (04:19)

In Jordan, 11-year old Ekhlos gets ready for school. She has nine sisters and four brothers, and her father is married to two different women. Ekhlos' younger siblings ride a donkey while she walks.

Wealth Equality (03:45)

Ekhlos' older brother is a police officer, and she hopes to follow in his footsteps. She worries for the Syrian refugees, many of which have joined her at school.

Self Reflection (02:49)

In Japan, 11-year old Yamabuki gets ready for school. She lives in Tokyo with her parents and two younger brothers. She starts her morning by heading to brass practice.

Forever Friends (02:49)

Yambuki would like to travel to America one day. She meets up with a friend part-way through her journey.

Traveling Through Tokyo (03:11)

Yamabuki describes where she was during the 2011 earthquake that hit Japan. She describes her fear of radioactivity and her hope to someday have children.

Morning Chores (02:02)

In Nepal, 11-year old Anish gets ready for school. He wishes he could give everyone in the world tap water, and believes that the most important things in life are home and electricity. His trip to school takes an hour.

Dangerous Ride (02:52)

Anish hopes to become a pilot someday. He explains that a child once fell out of the tuin that he rides to school and died.

Fun Walk to School (02:17)

In Germany, 9-year old Annalena gets ready for school. Her 3 kilometer trip to school takes about an hour. She starts by trekking through the woods and loves the adventure when her little sister joins her.

Pondering on the Future (03:17)

Annalena would like to grow up to be a nurse, but she is overwhelmed that she would have to spend half of her pocket money on school. She worries about war and cancer.

Protecting Nature (04:01)

In Namibia, 8-year old Zacheo gets ready for school. He lives with his parents, little brother, and orphaned animals. He wishes he could invite all the children in the world to his nature-filled home.

Long Ride to school (03:09)

After dropping off his little brother at the kindergarten on their farm, two friends join Zacheo on the rest of his way to school. They ride in the back of a truck for the hour-and-a-half drive into town. His favorite subjects are reading and writing and he likes tests because he can show what he has learned.

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This film shows students what life is like for children around the world. Follow 8 to 12 year-olds on their journeys to school. Sanjana lives in a neighborhood that is dangerous for women and girls, and is afraid of the people she encounters on her walk to school. Yambuki makes her way through the busy streets of Tokyo with her best friend on their way to brass practice. Zacheo lives on a wildlife sanctuary and has breakfast with a skunk and baby monkey before leaving for school. Students describe morning routines, social lives, and concerns for the environment.

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