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Introduction: Imagine: New Directions—All You Need Is Love: A History of Popular Music (03:43)


This film presents the ideal of rock and roll from various viewpoints.

Dandy's Arkansas Estate (03:41)

Dandy tours his humble estate in Arkansas. He describes his way of living as alleviating strain on the system.

Social Apathy (03:37)

Bangs, editor of CREED magazine, denounces rock and roll music and its progenitors as fixated on adolescence. He states that rock is as much to blame for societal apathy as any other event in the 1970s.

On Aging Rockers (04:12)

Bangs, editor of CREED magazine, says The problem with creating mythology with living people is that you have to watch them grow old and decay. They have to live up to their own mythology.

Music as a Management Tool (04:21)

Bangs suggests that Rock and Roll had to do with consumerism brought to the highest possible level. It was more about hedonism than humanitarianism.

Musical Freedom (04:01)

Bruce exclaims that anyone who is outside of pop and tries to dismiss it just doesn't know what they are talking about. Music has allowed him to experience a sense of monetary freedom.

Rock and Roll Lifestyle (04:05)

Rock and roll stars can gross up to $200 million a year in the U.S. by doing live shows. Brown disagrees with the glamour that surrounds the rock and roll lifestyles due to the pressure put on artists.

Rock and Religion (04:01)

Wyrtzen says we are living in the days similar to that of Noah, and rock culture is directing people to lead evil lives. This marks the time when the son of god returns.

Rock Culture (04:22)

Mann says the nice thing about music in the 1960s is that it inspired so many to want to become musicians. He suggests street-culture is still culture.

Mike Oldfield (10:47)

Branson reflects on Oldfield, who sold 5 million albums worldwide in just a year. Oldfield then suffered a mental brake-down and moved back in with his parents to build a duck pond.

Rock and Roll Legacy (03:52)

Wyrtzen claims that rock and roll musicians have done more to harm the youth than anyone in the last several generations.

Credits: Imagine: New Directions—All You Need Is Love: A History of Popular Music (00:39)

Credits: Imagine: New Directions—All You Need Is Love: A History of Popular Music

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Imagine: New Directions—All You Need Is Love: A History of Popular Music

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This film presents an analytical look at rock and roll in the 1960s and 1970s. It offers viewpoints from managers, musicians, religious leaders, business marketers, and those who opted-out of entering the music scene. Live recordings from Mike Oldfield, Tangerine Dream, Jack Bruce, Black Oak Arkansas, Electric Light Orchestra, Manfred Mann, and Baker-Gurvitz Army are presented.  

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