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Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones (04:47)


In this opening segment, watch the band prepare to take the stage and listen to "Sympathy for the Devil" is played. Graham discusses the power of music.

Influence of Rock (04:03)

Jagger discusses forced responsibility during an interview for the "London Times." Hendrix performs "Wild Thing." Graham discusses the commodity of rock.

Jimi Hendrix (03:30)

Hendrix comments on his expression through music. Hendrix performs live on stage. Zappa describes an event he participated in involving marines.

Pink Floyd & The Who (05:32)

The Pink Floyd perform "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" live. Lambert describes seeing The Who for the first time and discusses financial hardships the band experienced.

Perspective of Rock (03:42)

Wyman describes the negative social perspective of his music. Jagger reviews film of a show that was canceled due to crowd violence.

Rock Culture (02:34)

Donovan performs "Local Boy Chops Wood" live as images of rock culture are displayed. Donovan discusses repercussions of the "primitive, naive pop scene" he was part of.

Blues Becomes Popular Again (04:16)

The Rolling Stones perform "Time is on My Side." Korner considered sour rock a middle class revolution. He discusses rhythm and blues in west London.

Rock'n Roll: The After Effect (02:47)

McCartney discusses the purpose of opening The Apple boutique. Yoko Ono and John Lennon are interviewed while lying in bed during a peace protest.

Jim Morrison (02:57)

The Rolling Stones perform "Jumping Jack Flash" live. Morrison discusses the type of music he seeks to create. The Doors perform "Light my Fire" live.

Janis joplin (04:55)

Friedman denounces rock stars as a "self-celebratory" and "cold" group of people. Joplin performs "Ball and Chain" live as Friedman discusses Joplin's psychological state.

Death and Rock'n Roll (03:20)

Burdon and the Animals perform "Good Times." Jagger discusses the legalities of drug use. Burdon reflects on the death of Hendrix. Wyman reflects on the death of Jones.

Price of Rock Stardom (08:56)

Graham comments on the selling strategies of rock stars. Jagger reads a poem from Shelley for the deceased Jones. Rudge talks about profit and the cost of touring.

Credits: All Along the Watchtower: Sour Rock—All You Need Is Love: A History of Popular Music (00:33)

Credits: All Along the Watchtower: Sour Rock—All You Need Is Love: A History of Popular Music

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All Along the Watchtower: Sour Rock—All You Need Is Love: A History of Popular Music

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This film features rock culture in the 1960s, from stardom to drug abuse and even death. The following artists are featured: Mick Jagger , Bill Wyman , Eric Burdon , Frank Zappa , Janis Joplin , Jimi Hendrix , Manfred Mann , Pink Floyd , John Lennon , Paul McCartney , The Doors , The Rolling Stones , The Who.

Length: 52 minutes

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