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Ukraine Conflict (01:51)


Raw recruits train for Europe's worst war since the Balkans; Moscow backs the rebels. See the wreckage of Flight MH17 and recent conflict footage near the city's outskirts.

Humanitarian Aid (02:43)

The lead convoy driver discusses the situation his parents face in eastern Ukraine. Volunteers pack food supplies for those in need; Anastalia's daughter was killed by shrapnel from a Grad rocket.

Donetsk, Ukraine (02:19)

Nearly two thirds of city's population fled. Trouble began after the pro-Russian president fled Kiev and Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula; pro-Russian separatists captured government buildings. See destruction in the city one year later and night bombings.

Attack Aftermath (03:59)

Residents clean up after a rocket attack; they blame the attack on Ukrainian government forces. Journalism student Olga Kosse remained in the city to help those in need; 12-year-old Igor Tupikava was wounded by shrapnel.

Nikishina, Ukraine (02:19)

A rocket attack destroyed many village buildings. Kosse brings essential supplies to nurse Svetlana Marchenko.

Nikishina and the MH17 Crash Site (02:52)

Marchenko discusses surviving the worst of the fighting in her cellar; many village buildings were destroyed. A memorial marks the deaths of 298 victims; Marchenko recalls miners looking for bodies in the debris.

Russell Bonner Bentley (02:57)

Bentley, Tex, uses the airwaves to fight for the pro-Russian cause; hear portions of a broadcast. Tex discusses defeating fascism; he believes the U.S. government was responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

Novo Russian Foreign Legion (01:58)

Tex watches rebel soldiers training. Russia denies troops play a formal role in the Ukraine conflict.

Nikishina Residents (03:57)

Yefdokiya Kirienko sits in the only room in her house that survived the shelling; the rest of her family takes refuge in western Ukraine. Kosse works to help the villagers; she saves books to rebuild the library. Reporter Matt Brown reflects on the future of Ukraine.

Credits: Ukraine: Republic of Nowhere (00:42)

Credits: Ukraine: Republic of Nowhere

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It’s the war the world forgot. At Europe’s side door nearly 8,000 people have been killed and 1.5 million have fled their homes. Foreign Correspondent's Matt Brown reports from devastated eastern Ukraine.

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