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Ideo: A Design Development Firm (03:14)


Ideo, a design development firm in Palo Alto, California, is responsible for designing hundreds of products from computer screens and sunglasses, to the mechanical whale in the film "Free Willy."

Ideo's Anti-Corporate Philosophy (03:28)

Ideo balks at the system of hierarchy in most U.S. corporations. They believe ideas can come from anyone, not necessarily the boss. Everyone is encouraged to share ideas and be productive.

Focused Chaos and the Deep Dive (03:12)

Ideo's term "deep dive" means a total immersion in the problem at hand. Wild ideas are encouraged to break from the norm and be innovative. They describe their work as "focused chaos."

Ideo Plays for Innovation (03:37)

Ideo's head man, Dave Kelly, says being playful is an important aspect of being innovative. Fresh ideas come faster in a fun place. Employees are encouraged to design and build their work area.

Ideo Redesigns the Shopping Cart (02:51)

Ideo is so successful that other corporations are looking at it to redesign corporate culture. The design team creates a new shopping cart by combining the prototypes of many people.

Ideo's Recipe for Success (02:49)

Ideo's recipe for innovation and success are hard work, an open mind, a boss who demands fresh ideas to be quirky and clash with his, a belief that chaos can be constructive, and teamwork.

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Numbering Nike, Apple, and Procter & Gamble among its many big-name clients, it looks as if IDEO, one of the most influential product development firms in the world, is on to something. In this program, ABC News anchor Ted Koppel and correspondent Jack Smith visit IDEO to see the company demonstrate its highly effective form of brainstorming called the “deep dive.” An enemy of planning done by a lone genius behind closed doors, this company uses its deep dive technique—a form of focused chaos—to creatively redesign a shopping cart through what it refers to as a process of enlightened trial and error. (22 minutes)

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