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The Rosa Parks Story: Montgomery, 1958 (02:13)


Rosa Parks moves through a crowd that has gathered outside her church. As she boards a bus, a local magazine editor and his photographer capture the moment. (Credits)

The Rosa Parks Story: Montgomery Industrial School for Girls, 1924 (03:42)

Rosa McCauley attends a private school and meets Rebecca Daniels who wants to be called Johnnie. "Rosie" tells the class that nobody can take your dignity.

The Rosa Parks Story: Montgomery, 1931 (05:53)

Raymond Parks quotes poetry in the barber shop; patrons discuss the Scottsboro Boys. Rosa and her friends enter the shop to get out of the rain. Raymond tries to find out "Rosie's" name.

The Rosa Parks Story: Courtship (03:11)

Rosa and her family talk about the Scottsboro Boys; Raymond arrives. Raymond continually brings Rosa but she refuses to see him.

The Rosa Parks Story: Family Relationships (04:51)

Rosa and Raymond go fishing and reminisce about their families; they kiss for the first time. Police officers stop Raymond and Rosa on their way home.

The Rosa Parks Story: Rosa Fears Raymond is Dead (04:17)

Rosa learns that two men working on the Scottsboro Boys' Legal Defense Fund were found dead. While sitting in the park, Rosa recalls her brother switching signs on water fountains. Rosa returns home to find Raymond in her kitchen.

The Rosa Parks Story: Montgomery, 1942 (04:00)

Raymond and Rosa marry. Rosa boards a bus 10 years later and encounters a racist bus driver. He orders her off the bus and leaves her stranded in the rain.

The Rosa Parks Story: Feelings of Humiliation (03:58)

Rosa arrives home after walking five miles in the rain. She tells Raymond what happened on the bus and vows she will never forget the driver's face.

The Rosa Parks Story: NAACP Membership (04:27)

Rosa finds Johnnie working at the NAACP office; they invite her to become a member. Mr. Nixon places Rosa in charge of the Youth Council. See a flashback of the two women discussing their teachers when they first met.

The Rosa Parks Story: Raymond's Concern for Rosa (03:31)

Rosa tells Raymond that she is volunteering at the NAACP; Raymond calls the members cowards. Rosa tries to convince Raymond that joining the NAACP is a good thing.

The Rosa Parks Story: Registered to Vote (06:23)

Rosa works with the children of the Youth Council. Rosa tries to register to vote twice, but the clerk tells her she failed the registration test. On the third try, the clerk's boss forces her to accept Rosa's test.

The Rosa Parks Story: Montgomery, 1955 (04:59)

Rosa learns a colored girl was arrested on the bus for refusing to give her seat to a white man. Rosa and Joanne stay late at the NAACP office; a woman arrives asking for help. Rosa interviews a young man accused of rape.

The Rosa Parks Story: Unjust Procedures (04:13)

Rosa and Raymond argue about the young man accused of rape. Rosa takes a group of children to a "white library" to check out books. Rosa tries to comfort the mother of the young man accused of rape; his execution is set for that night.

The Rosa Parks Story: Rosa Takes a Stand (07:40)

After work, Rosa's boss asks her to come in early the next day; she sees a young black boy upset because he is not allowed to try on shoes. On the bus ride home, Rosa refuses to give up her seat to a white man; police take her to jail.

The Rosa Parks Story: Rosa's Actions Spark a Protest Movement (05:15)

Mr. Nixon tells Rosa's mother and Raymond that Rosa was arrested; Clifford Durr secures her release. Johnnie announces a meeting in support of Rosa at Dexter Avenue Church. Raymond and Rosa argue.

The Rosa Parks Story: Considering a Boycott (01:58)

NAACP members meet with Reverend King at Dexter Ave Church. They argue about the course of action to take in protest of Rosa's arrest.

The Rosa Parks Story: Bus Protest (01:57)

Rosa, Raymond, and Mr. Dixon see people refusing to board the bus. At Rosa's trial, a woman testifies that the bus had empty seats in the colored section.

The Rosa Parks Story: Holt Street Church (04:17)

Johnnie announces a meeting to discuss continuing the bus protest; Rosie attends despite Raymond's objections.

The Rosa Parks Story: Targeting Rosa (05:52)

Mr. Bradley fires Rosa from Montgomery Fair and the KKK attacks her home. Raymond tells Rosa that he was fired. Rosa recalls seeing a man hanging from a tree.

The Rosa Parks Story: Raymond Gains a New Perspective (05:08)

Rosa and her mother talk about Rosa's decision on the bus. Raymond hears locals discussing Rosa's actions and discrimination.

The Rosa Parks Story: Rosa's Legacy (05:29)

Raymond comes to terms with Rosa's refusal to relinquish her seat on the bus. In November 1956, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled bus segregation policies were unconstitutional.

Credits: The Rosa Parks Story (00:57)

Credits: The Rosa Parks Story

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This scripted narrative follows Rosa Parks' life from the time she was a private-school student, to her rise to infamy. Part of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Parks fought against discrimination and segregation. But, it was her refusal to relinquish her seat on a bus and subsequent arrest, sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which thrust her into the spotlight. This American-made film directed by Julie Dash features Angela Basset as Rosa Parks and Cicely Tyson as her mother.

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