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Introduction: Power Games: How Cities Work (01:21)


This brief overview of electricity supply and demand orients viewers with excerpts from the upcoming program.

Vegas and New York (02:40)

Explore the Fremont Street LED show in Las Vegas, Nevada. New York City consumes more electricity per day than the entire country of Greece.

Aerial Power Line Repair (10:23)

Follow along with a high voltage repair team that works on power lines from a helicopter. Pilot Vinnie Carchia and lineman Ryan Hill take many precautions to complete the task safely.

Biomass Fuel (03:32)

The Tilbury power station converted from fossil fuels to biomass fuels in 2011. Learn how the generators work and follow along with the engineering team as they fix a leak in the boiler.

Power Station Maintenance (06:58)

The Tilbury power station supplies about 1.5 million homes with electricity. Procuring enough pellets from sustainable sources could eventually be a problem. The team fixes a couple of conveyor belt problems.

Solar Power in Vegas (07:33)

Learn about the construction of a solar thermal power plant in the Nevada desert. Solar energy heats salt which creates steam that turns turbines to create electricity.

Wind Power in the UK (08:13)

Learn about the construction of the Middlemoor Wind Farm in Northumberland. The wind that makes it a good site for the farm also impedes construction.

Tunnels in London (06:58)

London engineers are constructing a new underground superhighway to replace the old power grid. Follow along and learn about the construction process.

Fremont Street Experience (01:53)

Go behind the scenes of the five-block LED show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Learn about the control system and LED maintenance.

Credits: Power Games: How Cities Work (00:35)

Credits: Power Games: How Cities Work

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Electricity powers the life support systems that keep our cities running. Lights, trains, communications, even hospitals rely on this invisible force. Without it, our cities stop working and lives are at risk.

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