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Born to be a Writer (03:32)


In 1982 Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez receives the nobel prize for his work, "One Hundred Years of Solitude." Since the day he was born he knows, he will be a writer.

Early Childhood With Grandparents (04:13)

Garcia Marquez spends his childhood in the village of Aracataca with his grandfather, a very realistic man, and a house full of women, ruled over by the grandmother, who all lived in a supernatural world.

Memories of Aracataca (02:47)

Garcia Marquez's fantastic world changed at the death of his grandfather. He went to live with his parents, but the memories of Aracataca accompanied him and later nourished his writings.

Metamorphosis (03:45)

Garcia Marquez leaves the Caribbean coast to study in Bogota, and survives nostalgia by burying himself in literature. The reading of Kafka's The Metamorphosis changes his literary course forever.

Journalism (04:03)

While Colombia is under social and political unrest, Garcia Marquez quits Law School and moves to Cartagena, in the Caribbean. There, he becomes a respected and original journalist.

Colombia's Other Reality (05:27)

Garcia Marquez begins to write about the Colombia of the drug cartels, assassinations, kidnappings, of that endless civil war. He also gets involved with the film industry and gets to love it.

Taking The Right Track (03:40)

By reading the North American leaders of the "nouveau roman," like Faulkner, whose stories reminded him of the world of his childhood, Garcia Marquez finds the roots and basis of his literature.

Cultural Awareness (04:56)

Garcia Marquez goes to Paris as a correspondent. As the newspaper is closed down, he dedicates himself to literature. He acquires a perspective of Latin America and of his own Caribbean culture.

Two Novels (05:23)

After giving up literature for political commitment, Garcia Marquez returns to writing "One Hundred Years of Solitude" which won him the Nobel Prize. Still, he favors his "Love in the Time of Cholera."

Popular Culture (03:46)

After sharing what for him is the "key to married life," Colombian writer Garcia Marquez talks about his everyday relationship with that popular culture that nurtures, moves and motivates him.

Writing Craftsmanship (03:52)

Garcia Marquez defines his writing craftsmanship as "carpentry", the art of enthralling the reader, of not breaking the rhythm. He gives some examples of how he achieves this.

Autumn Of The Patriarch and Memoirs (05:20)

After "One Hundred Years of Solitude," Garcia Marquez felt he needed to take a different approach and wrote "The Autumn of the Patriarch." He is now writing his Memoirs.

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