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Overview of Public Relations (04:22)


The masters of communication understand the power of mass media and their ability to inform and persuade. The function of The Federalist newspapers is recognized today as classic PR.

Molding Public Opinion (02:58)

Mass communication gives rise to possibilities in molding public opinion. Ivy Lee writes the first declaration of principles of what public relations should be. The father of public relations is Bernays.

Edward L. Bernays (03:18)

Bernays orchestrates a promotion for Lucky cigarettes in which glamorous women are shown smoking cigarettes. The Office of War Information garners public support for WWII.

Client Side of Public Relations (02:31)

Institutions, corporations, and not-for-profits exemplify the private sector that uses the services of public relations. An organization and its public are a valuable relationship worth nurturing.

Action Plans (05:28)

Tools of the trade include writing materials, producing brochures and press releases, getting celebrity endorsements, and sponsoring special events such as marathons.

Public Relations Crises (02:46)

Image crises create need for public relations consulting. The Tylenol product crisis and Exxon Valdez disaster are examples of companies that needed public relations to reverse negative images.

Public Service Announcements (02:15)

Public service announcements broadcast information on public safety issues, not-for-profits, health care or safety clubs.

Role of Public Relations (02:16)

Public relations help companies manage their reputations. Public relations operate in two directions, both to and from agencies and the public.

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Public Relations

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Since the first written account of public relations–like activities in ancient Greece, PR professionals have been on record as shapers and reshapers of public opinion. This program defines the role of public relations, differentiating it from advertising, and examines the way in which PR operates. In addition, industry professionals discuss the contributions of Ivy Lee and the founder of modern PR, Edward L. Bernays; the role of public relations in America’s two world wars; the shamefully successful Lucky Strike cigarettes campaign to make smoking in public fashionable for women; and the Ad Council and public service announcements. Crisis intervention is examined, as in the well-handled case of the tainted Tylenol scare, and the botched damage control of the Exxon Valdez disaster. The program does an excellent job of explaining a difficult-to-understand and often maligned industry. (28 minutes)

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