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What is News? (06:05)


Editors determine news by its importance to the reader and its newsworthiness. Reporters who gather the information act as the eyes and ears for the paper. A newspaper must interest its readers.

Search for Truth in the News (04:35)

The news process turns facts into stories as it strives for objectivity and balance. One role of the editor is to take out opinion. To avoid influence, reporters should not accept anything of value.

Investigative Journalism (04:48)

The newspaper industry accepts the high expense for investigative or watchdog journalism. Woodward and Bernstein changed the perception of investigative reporting with Watergate.

News Services (04:44)

News and wire services use “stringers” who live on location. The Associated Press, a non-profit and membership-based cooperative, has an obligation to provide news to other members.

News Tools (05:12)

New technology enables growth for news services by communicating information instantaneously. Online news may cause journalists to compete, but the function of print news remains the same.

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Although advances in telecommunications and computer technology have changed the way news is covered and written, the role of the journalist—to gather the facts and report the news in a way that will engage a mass audience—has remained the same. In this program, staff members of The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, the Rocky Mountain News, and The Denver Post talk about how they decide what to include in each day’s newspaper, the trend towards greater objectivity, the need to avoid undue influence, the Woodward and Bernstein watershed in investigative journalism, and the role of news services like the Associated Press, Reuters, and Bloomberg. The program is a source of valuable information on what it is like to work in present-day newspaper journalism. (28 minutes)

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