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Recording Companies (06:22)


Recording companies such as Artist and Repertoire (A&R) use the process called “shopping” a tape. While material and instinct play roles, differences remain with small and large markets.

Recording Artists and Producers (03:47)

Musicians receive little money and often resent the power of recording companies. Producers plan sessions, select songs, or help arrange. Great producers can make the difference for a musician.

Promoting Records (05:57)

Radio promotion, a prime way to expose music, allows consumers to sample music. While music videos and MTV can expose artists, they become hurdles for musicians with little financial backing.

Distributing Records (05:40)

The music industry markets in superstores such as Tower Records or Sam Goody, and “mom and pop” stores. It needs more outlets. Promotion rests on the artist, but consumers decide who will succeed.

Sound Scan and Music Industry (03:54)

In 1991, Soundscan provided the music industry with tracking. Scanning the sale of a record shows the industry honest sales figures in music for heavy metal, rap, and country music.

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Recording Industry

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How does a new artist attract the attention of a recording company? How do recording companies find new talent? Can a big-name label make a run-of-the-mill CD into a platinum seller? In this program, top industry executives and other experts answer these and other questions, such as how much performers can expect to make in royalties, how SoundScan has revealed the true top 100, and how MTV has raised the bar for performer talent. In addition, brief clips of David Bowie, Billy Rae Cyrus, Debbie Davies, Peter Gabriel, and Metallica are included. (28 minutes)

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