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Book Publishing (03:30)


Book publishing, the smallest of the mass media industries, remains a low profit business. Moving books from author, to publisher, to marketing, and on to readers continues to be a mystique.

Book Publishing Industry (03:23)

A segmented industry, book publishing targets a market based on subject demand. Educational publishing is driven by the markets it serves. Publishers take risks in the consumer market.

Marketing Tools Available to Publishers (05:22)

Marketing tools in the book industry includes ads, radio, reviews, direct mail, and author tours. The library is a major marketing place. Book jackets are used as a marketing tool.

Bookstore Competition (03:34)

Bookstores are a final link between publisher and audience. Booksellers are influenced by marketing and consumers. Knowing a clientele requires a mix of art, science, and business.

Barnes and Noble Marketing Concept (01:44)

Barnes and Noble creates a bookstore geared for customers. Many elements in marketing are due to store location. In the book industry, Barnes and Noble is a forerunner in price strategy.

Book Industry and New Technology (02:57)

The future of books has been called into question, while new technology could make books obsolete. A symbiotic relationship remains between movies and books. Publishers use various media.

Cross Media Ties and Books (05:39)

Technology, as a part of the book industry's future, allows publishers to supplement their products in different forms. Books remain a medium for most people.

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Book Industry

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Book publishing is both the oldest and the smallest of the mass media industries. With commentary by the president of Allyn & Bacon, a regional manager of Barnes & Noble, and the owner of the large, independent Tattered Cover Book Store, this program provides a detailed look at how trade and educational/reference books are made, sold, and marketed. Also discussed is the perception of book publishing as a glamorous career field, in spite of the hard reality of low profits and wages. In addition, talk-show footage of William F. Buckley, Jr., and Madeline Cartwright, author of For the Children, adds insights into the experiences of book authors. Despite competition from TV, magazines, and the World Wide Web, sales figures continue to show that books are holding their own as a method of mass communication. (28 minutes)

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